The benefits of having a two-page sales pitch

by Tony_D
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I've noticed that David Deangelo has his main sales page for his book split into two seperate pages.

You get to the bottom of this page and it says "click here for samples of book"

Whats the benefit of this? Why doesn't he put everything including the samples on one page with a link to buy the product at the end?
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    He is probably testing this....personally I can see no benefit to doing this. Frankly, I lost interest mid way down on the first page
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    I'd assume he'll be using the ol' involvement device tactic.

    By clicking onto the next page you are saying to yourself "Yes, I want to learn more..." meanwhile due to complex psychologicl triggers n stuff beyond comprehension your brain interprets your action as "Yes, I want to learn more... and am eager to make a purchase!"

    Something along those lines anyway. It's a bit like the open-ended question.

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      It's probably a test. I'm assuming he's trying to make it less salesy up front with more information, like an article of sorts, then hit em with the benefits once they make the mental committment to "Go to the next page.."

      Personally, I don't think there is a clear benefit, beside perhaps the mental committment part could boost conversions, if he presents the problem on the first page, thne the clear solution on the second page.

      All I know is this guy knows what he's doing so I don't question it...

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        Fat Loss 4 Idiots (Fat Loss 4 Idiots / Weight Loss and Diet Center) is a site that does that too with great success. That one is divided into 3-4 pages.

        At last...pre-written emails for Clickbank products that increase conversions.

        Need smokin' hot email copy?

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          He's been doing this for years with DYD...when you get to this site off of an ad, you actually go through another page prior to the landing page noted earlier...colm is dead on as I've heard Eben say this is the primary reason for this...dude makes 20mil+ a year...there is more going on here than meets the eye
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            I guess it doesn't surprise me that a man selling a pickup/seduction products employs this tactic with such success. Long before i even knew what IM was I was involved in the dating/seduction community. One thing that pickup gurus stress is gaining voluntary compliance from a target.
            eg. You intentionally walk away from a girl who you're interested in, but only when you KNOW she's going to follow. Then when she does, it puts it in her brain that SHES chasing YOU, not the other way around.
            Sort of the same concept, but in a different form.
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