I built A Squido Lens Months Back Please Some Advice

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I am completley new to research and writting I do not even know how to set up an information blog and I see alot of wonderful professionals here.

I hope I am not out of line to ask you guys to look at my site and give me any advice you have .

I am hoping one day to do effective research for someone if I can learn the methods it seems to be more skill than I have .

Water From Air Generators
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      Pretty good lens. Anyway, you should enter the blogging market. Squidoo lenses will not make you any significant income.

      Orkhan Azer
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        I do really appreciate the advice , when your new to something as I am you really do not know if you have potential or not .

        I am seriously hoping to have somone to let me do some research for them on a product , free of course.
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      Thanks for the look I certainly am no lens master I got no idea how I put that together ..
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    Here are some quick suggestions:

    -try to use hyphens-in-your-url for each keyword
    -linkbuild to your lens
    - I would shorten the top headline, as it is really long.
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    Squidoo is good to help your site ranking well on search engine, you cna put one or two link to your website in your lens. But I suggest to make a very informative lens otherwise nobody read them.
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      You should also consider focusing on a specific aspect of your subject instead of a broad overview. This is what I learned from creating my own lenses and what I am still learning. For a better idea, you should review Squidoo's list of 100 best lenses.
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