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ok everyone, I am still fairly new to the forums. I have been here reading but only made a few posts. I would love it if all you warriors would be willing to take a look at my site and critique it so I will have a better idea of what to do to monetize it.

I have read that I need to get a list and a squeeze page but I think that will have to be a bit later down the line because I don't know how to make a squeeze page and I also don't even know what angle to take with this website or if I should even bother doing that with this site.

Just as a side note I am sure you get asked to do this all the time, and I think I am posting this in the right section. Also my intentions are not just to get some extra traffic, I really would like honest opinions on whether the site looks alright or how I should structure it different.

It is my first complete site and I am a little unsure where to go with it, although I do know that I need to add more content for sure. I have also been working on getting backlinks to the site but I need to write more articles to get the traffic. Currently it is at position 5 on the front page of google for the broad phrase Cymbal Percussion. Probably not likely to stay there though I don't know.

Should I focus only on one affiliate program, or implement adsense, amazon, and zzounds? I have so much to learn it is crazy.

So thanks in advance everyone.

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    Hi Andrew,

    You are right in that you definitely need to use a squeeze to capture your leads/prospects. It is not hard at all to get a squeeze page done. I do squeeze page and sales page copy and a lot of other stuff - so if you need help, drop me an email at

    In terms of aesthetic appeal, it's pretty bland. So the pictures/graphics and background really need to get canned. Your headline is pretty weak. If you are going to do a squeeze page, make certain you drop that headline.

    Whatever affiliate you go with at the end of the day, just make sure you are putting out quality content so that your readers not just come to your website but stay and trust you because at the end of the day's the important for regular cash flow.
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      I suggest you keep your page width at 779 pixels, with a blue background, give the site a blue variation color scheme, wrap text around the pics, putting adsense on top is likely to divert your visitors ( i anyway never subscribe to putting adsense on any landing page because I want to sell my product). Cheers!
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        Awesome, thanks both for the replies. So let's see if I have this right.
        Step 1. Change the wp theme, it is boring. I don't know how to change the page width of a wp site though. I can easily find another theme though. A blue theme. Is there a way to change the background color?

        2. Change the headline to something better, and remove adsense from the front page.

        3. Last thing should I get rid of the blue buttons on the right side?

        Thanks for the input, I need your honest, brutal opinion. It will only help me improve.
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          I'm willing to review your site... but can't find where to go. Is there a reason that you have not posted it?

          "Sell the Magic of A Dream"

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            Originally Posted by dorothydot View Post

            I'm willing to review your site... but can't find where to go. Is there a reason that you have not posted it?
            Woops I don't know why the link isn't in my signature but it should be good now.

            Sorry it took me so long to reply but I am at work and have to use my phone.
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    Your first mistake is using a free Wordpress theme with sponsored links at the bottom.

    Using these types of themes is really bad for SEO. Find a free theme from the WordPress directory or if you can afford it at least get something cheap from Theme Junkie for 20 bux
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      Thanks all for the input about the site. Finding a different theme is no problem but as far as changing background colors and the size of the pages I don't really know how to do that with wordpress.

      But I just got a great idea lol. I will post that question somewhere other than the copy-writing forum.

      Thanks again.
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    After you get going a bit, I would strongly recommend checking out DLvR.IT (it means deliver it.) With this site, you can set it up to automatically update your site from other blogs. So, for example, if Sabian has a blog, each time they make a post, it will also make a post to your site. It is awesome. In addition, you can also then have those posts update to your Twitter and Facebook Fan Page. You should have original content as well, but automatic updates from quality sites are a good thing.

    BTW, I hope you are a Neil Peart fan!
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