You guys make me sit on the fence ...

by Big Al
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Ever since reading Claude Hopkins - Tried and Tested Advertising and checking out the copywriting forum here ... my mindset and way of thinking have completely changed.

Whilst sitting on the fence sucks and comes across like "You ain't got the nutz to make a decision ..."

Everytime I check out forum posts on opinionated subjects I find myself sitting on the fence and saying "What works ... er ... works."

Like the one right now about Exit-Pops that offer discounts when, ultimately, a product has a life cycle and the owner wants to make as much money as possible by getting as many sales as possible.

Sure I personally don't like it and think it's daft for an evergreen product ... but it so depends on the product, the niche, the life cycle and goals of the vendor.

In offline businesses I'm involved in ... people come up and say "What about this ..." or "What about that ..." and I either give a factual opinion (based on experience) or say ... "Try it and see what happens".

I think it's a good thing because I don't procrastinate as much because I end up trying things and seeing what happens. Letting the results decide for themselves.

Can't remember the film but the general gist was "Opinions are like a******s - everyone's got one and they stink of ....."


P.S. That doesn't mean I don't listen to Drayton Birds advice "Until you can do something better, copy."
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    Split test and multiple angles of attack will reveal the best results.
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    Have the balls to make a decision...

    ...but realize that even the best among us get it wrong sometimes.

    My approach is simple...

    Take your idea... attack it with conviction... and see if it works.

    If it does... great.

    And if not... at least you know you executed that particularly idea as close to perfectly as you could.


    Always looking for badass direct-response copywriters. PM me if we don't know each other and you're looking for work.

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    Why can't you say: say ... "Try it and see what happens". in online marketing also?

    Ideally you test out both theories. But choosing just one is better than fence sitting. I know I don't do the testing that I should (perhaps someday I will), BUT..... I am making money online. Profitable at last!

    In terms of sales approaches, when you are getting contradictory advice, go with what feels right to you. Like with the exit pops if some people say "Have One" and others say "Don't" and you hate them.... well don't have one. At least that's my approach. Again, yes... ideally I'd test more, but.... there is also something to be said for testing the waters of a market.

    If/when I ever get around to doing more testing, I'll choose the most lucrative niche I'm in to do it.
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