Any good reccomendations on a solid, reputable copyrwriting course with an affiliate program?

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Can anyone give me a recommendation on a top copywriting course that offers an affiliate program? I looked into John Carlton, but he seems to only accept people who have a good list, which I don't yet have in my niche.

Any tips are very appreciated.

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    Clayton Makepeace use to have an affilliate program...haven't checked for a long time.

    All the best,
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    Clayton has one.

    Most of the time if you ask nicely you can get into an
    affiliate program, even if they make it look like they're
    being snooty about it. Just write a nice note to the
    affiliate program and ask.

    Dan Kennedy has an affiliate program too - though he
    arguably doesn't really teach copywriting as well as some
    others do.

    Bob Bly has an affiliate program with some entry-level
    products in it.
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    For a good cheap copywriting program I would suggest looking at Jason Fladlien's course. It's great, it's inexpensive, it's right to the point.

    It's something that those of us that are ADD can latch on to.... which means we can be comfortable selling it, knowing the chances of someone actually using it are WAY higher than a John C or Clayton M course.

    He also has a crapload of other good products and a lifetime affiliate program that pays you, not just or the course you sell, but for any course your lead buys FOREVER.

    Check it out. No Affiliate link here. His stuff is good. He's down to earth. He's very successful.

    Go for it.
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