The word 'Bonus'? Isn't it over-used!!

by smak
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Just wondering if the word 'Bonus' is a bit over used for stating extras the buyer gets with purchase.

So what would be a good replacement word i.e Premium, Gifts, Bribe etc.

Much appreciated if warriors can share their thoughts i.e has anyone done testing that resulted in improved conversions?

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    Haha when building our site we had the same issue! Bonus just sounds BLAHH i've hard that so many times. I'm not saying don't use bonus.
    We ended up using the word Gift, however bonus is still mentioned on the website.
    If you have some free time could you give our site a review? we're launching this week and feedback is so helpful.
    hope this helps!
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      Hi - I'm not over keen on the use of 'bonus' either - in my opinion, I think people expect a less-than-top-quality product from 'bonuses'. Yes, I think it is a little overused - sounds like a used car salesman a bit ("If you buy the car today, we'll give you a free set of mats as a bonus") lol.

      I'm not sure what would be a good replacement to be honest - one way of looking at it is adding most of your bonuses to your main 'product' (adding a higher perceived value) and giving them a surprise once they've ordered (i.e. the other 'bonuses') then you probably could use the word 'bonus' with a clear conscience - they're already happy with the purchase - then you put the cherry on top. Don't know if this works (haven't tested... hmmmm...) but I reckon it's worth a thought.

      johnwalton - I like your site, the ONE THING I'm not too keen on is the green "XL 32oz BOTTLE!" There's nothing wrong with the words (in my opinion) but the text-graphic could be a little crisper like the rest of the site - just my opinion, but love the rest of it.

      Hope this helps both of you. Good luck with this.


      If what I said helps, let me know, throw me a 'thanks'.
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    Michel Fortin shared with me he used "gift" instead of "bonus." I've seen other test results to validate that. I bet it might vary from market to market some.

    And if I remember correctly, to be more specific he used "Quick action gift."

    Stephen Dean
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    If it is working, why change it?
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      Originally Posted by AlexBarboza View Post

      If it is working, why change it?
      Because the #1 ignored law of marketing is: "If it ain't broke, break it."
      Continuous Improvement demands constant reinvention. Especially in the Internet Age, when Facebook and Twitter swallow up MySpace in a matter of months. But it's always been true: "The downfall of the railroad business was that they thought they were in the railroad business" (instead of the transportation business). AT&T is an excellent contrast, determined not to make the same mistake, thinking they're a phone company.
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    I've actually tested both "quick action bonus" and "quick action gift"

    Bonus still converts a little higher.... And it is still effective if you phrase it right.

    Most people know that they will get the bonus regardless of quick action/scarcity... But I try and phrase it kinda like....

    "These fast action bonuses are not necessary for the main product to work; but they make it work a bit better. Rather than have to pay for them separately, they're yours if you buy today...."

    My results anyways....
    Tips I've picked up over 11 years of online marketing... FInd out the best ones here
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    "overuse" is when it no longer works.

    If you have a bonus ...offer it.

    In fact ... by separating your biggest draw from your main offer
    and calling it a BONUS ... you can make a lot of sales.
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