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I've been a professional writer and illustrator for 30 years. Primarily I worked in newspapers, comic books, and now screenwriting. I picked up blog writing about three years ago and am surprised at how fast you can make a good four to five figures per month.

Wish I had found Warrior Forum long ago.

Anyhow, copywriting is a technical and artistic field. One not only needs to know the formats and basic constructs of writing, but also one's own style as applied to the subject matter at hand.

I won't go into a long diatribe here, that's for later but basically to make money at it you have to reach out. Let people know you're a copywriter and that you're affordable. Don't keep rock bottom prices but fluctuate to the importance of a client. If the client is someone who can share some successful techniques you might try lowering the price and let them know you'll work in exchange for their tutelage. Just a few tips from a pro can be the difference between success and failure.

Enjoy what you're doing no matter what the assignment is. If today you're asked to write about fishing, then be enthusiastic about it as you're not only getting paid to write but you're getting an education wherein you've developed a stronger personal database about the subject and any future projects of same subject matter will flow more smoothly.

As always keep the tools of writing and editing handy such as dictionaries and thesauruses. Look for the writing software that does the right job. Get a piece of software to keep your stats. Go to various forums on different subject matter and school yourself so you at least have a passing knowledge of different subjects.

This is all for client based marketing of your skills. These tips will also help you write more for your marketing blog strategies, something I myself need to do more of.

Finally, deadlines. Keep them, that's why they're called deadlines. You miss em' and you're dead in the water.

Sorry I don't have a program to sell, maybe one day I'll write an ebook or something.
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    Goof stuff! Thanks for sharing.
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      Originally Posted by ianbong View Post

      Goof stuff! Thanks for sharing.
      Agreed, ianbong

      I saw a pretty funny facebook page which was going viral a few months back when I was still using it called... "I have a motivation problem... until I have a time problem...".

      Truer words?

      - Den
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    Haha, yes - deadlines - is all. Worked an editor for 5 years, and turned out many authors, who missed deadlines.
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      Originally Posted by ruscontent View Post

      Haha, yes - deadlines - is all. Worked an editor for 5 years, and turned out many authors, who missed deadlines.
      I hear that! I've worked in editorial for a newspaper for 8 years. In newspapers you don't have a second chance to screw up.
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    I screwed up plenty on the newspapers I wrote for... even the ones for which I was the Editor-in-Chief.

    Screw-ups happen. We learn, we go on.


    "Failure is just the option to ignore the lesson learned." (Can anyone name the author of that quote?)
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