Have You Ever Doubled Your Conversion Overnight By Changing Your Headline?

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I've heard people say this but it has never happened to me. Adwords or some other type of paid traffic would be the best to test this with. I've increased sales over time but changing my headline by I've never all of the sudden doubled my sales overnight. Have you?
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    Well I've seen that effect with the subject line in split tested email campaigns and I've also seen a similar twitter follower improvement by getting my profile keywords right - ie less prose more keywords...
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    I've quadrupled conversion overnight from changing a headline.
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    Yes, the headline change can make a huge difference. The words you choose can be powerful or boaring. If one headline didn't work, try a new and you may pleasantly surprised.


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      Not with a headline alone but...

      Making video sales letter - and reading the SAME written sales letter,
      I've seen a 200% improvement!
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        Here's a couple of interesting quotes for your consideration ...

        "I never 'roll out' with an offer without several headline tests. Reason? With exactly the same body copy, the winning headline alone can pull 8 to 15 times compared to the losing headline." (Ted Nicholas)

        "Just by changing a headline in an ad you can improve the pulling power and the results of that ad by up to 21 times." (Jay Abraham)

        My assumption is that both of these fellows are speaking from experience.

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    Yes--just the headline. It was quite a surprise.
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    Just changed my so I HOPE SO!!
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    Changing a headline can make a huge difference.

    Testing different headlines is critical in the success of any winning campaigns. Great quotes, Alex. Ya, I'd say Jay and Ted know a few things about headlines .



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    yeah, we actually used a service called visual website optimizer to do some a/b testing on our headline and it resulted in about a 90% increase in conversions.
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    I once had an AdWords headline that would convert paid cold traffic on my sales page at a constant 2%... but every single ad I tested against it would convert the traffic at less than 1%...

    sometimes something as simple as the copy on the ad you use, can greatly effect the response you get on your general sales page.

    --- Work Smart... Not Hard ---

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    A great place to test a headline is when you are running a WSO. I have seen huge spikes in sales just changing just a few words, and sometimes to the entire headline, but with no changes in the body copy. Headlines definitely can make all the difference.


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