What Magazines to buy that contain useful ads?

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I'm looking to buy magazines and/or newspapers that would contain great ads and sales letters so I can take notes, learn, and start building a collection of cut outs.

I've got endless amounts of books, and John Carltons course on DVD. I'm reading all the books, preparing to jump into John Carltons books and I'll go through the books again taking valuable notes. In the meantime I want to collect up to date sales letters and ads.

I have a lot of the old ones in printed format, and I have RC's letter book.

What magazines and newspapers would be good sources of ads and sales letters?
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    Dan Kennedy stocks up on magazines he normally never reads at all every time he goes to an airport - Rolling Stone, Cosmo, Pilot Life, Etc.

    When the topic is very far away from what you sell, it's sometimes easier to spot brilliant advertising/marketing angles that you can easily adapt for yourself.

    Marcia Yudkin
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      I was taught to go to "People", "Cosmopolitan", "Vanity Fair" and other gossipy mags for headlines at the least.


      "Sell the Magic of A Dream"

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        I read muscle magazines. And any of the niched sports magazines, like Karate Magazine are also a good source. - Rick Duris
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    Originally Posted by Matt Jutras View Post

    Any of the Business "oppurtunity" magazines have tons of ads in them.

    I also suggest National Enquirer...seriously.
    BBC News - National Enquirer owner set for bankruptcy protection

    The Enquirer might not be a great source for swiping anymore. Looking at last weeks there really isn't much. Apart from an "Amish Heaters" ad which is cool. Or hot, rather...

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    Is the Enquirer the US version of The Sun?

    I was flicking through some farming magazines at the supermarket last night and noticed the back pages were full of ads. I was going to buy it, but I left my card at home. But, I also noticed the same with boating magazines and stuff like that.

    I was trying to find readers digest. I remember my nan used to read it an it was full of loads of 1/2 page ads selling back products, stair lifts etc etc.

    I'm just a regular guy doing my thing.

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      The National Enquirer (which you can buy in the UK) is celebrity gossip and not "news" of any real significance.

      Of course, you could argue The Sun isn't really "news" either. However as a copywriter, it's definitely worth reading. Considering it's long been the best selling newspaper in the UK, by far.

      I'm sure there's a US version of The Sun that's actually called "The Sun." It has the same logo and everything. However not sure it sells as well.

      The Readers Digest is a good one too.

      Also, the Weekly World News is great. I'm not sure how to "hack" it, but they're all up online through Google Books somehow. Someone definitely posted the link here before.

      Search this forum and you might find it...

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    Don't waste your time buddy.

    Go to hardtofindads.com

    Nuff said.
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    National Enquirer, hands down.

    If it runs for 2 weeks in a row, clip it. Already, Amish Mantles is making a come back.

    Surprisingly, Cosmopolitan is starting to run DR ads. Check them out.

    Read Cosmo and Nat Enquirer for their headlines and bullets, too.

    - HR
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    Luxe and the Roy Report are two of my favorite magazines for advertising. For text I suggest The New Yorker and yes, Playboy. The New York Times, Village Voice, Washington Post are good newspapers for ad content as well.

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