How to write a good subject heading for job application?

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I'm trying to think of a good email subject for a high frequency trading job that I'm applying for. How could I make my email subject field stand out? I don't just want to call it "job application"? Copywriters are supposed to be the best at writing these sort of things...
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    maybe sometimes less is more.... plain and standard may sometimes work and be alright. not sure or an expert. just sayin
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      Depends what you have about you that you can sell.

      If I'm sorting through emailed job apps, and see...

      re: job application
      re: job application
      re: job application
      job application inside
      re: job application
      ***$16m trader seeking position***
      about that job...
      re: job
      re: job application
      job application

      ...I know what I'm looking at first.

      Obviously, a couple caveats apply.

      1 - I'm a copywriter and internet marketer, not a trading firm. I'm drawn to flash. Those guys are probably conservative, and while you may get looked at first, you may also turn them off entirely.

      2 - I have no idea what kind of numbers mean what, so you'd have to judge for yourself if something was both relevant to you AND impressive to them.

      But still, if you want to get opened, AND you feel you have the creative freedom to play with your subject heading, you need to think about what is IMPRESSIVE about you, and will sound GOOD to them...preferably something that sets you APART.

      - volumes you've dealt with
      - profits you've earned
      - credentials you possess
      - educational background
      - experience you've built up
      - hard knocks places you've earned your stripes
      - etc.

      Who are you, that makes a subject heading ABOUT you worth opening first? Answer that, and the rest becomes simple.
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