A Copywriter is not an article writer - please

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An article writer writes and gets paid to write.

A copywriter has learned the fine art of convincing someone to buy what they don't necessarily want, with money they don't have. ... lol

Truely : A copywriter sells with carefully crafted message. Which makes the reader jump up at night an say ... hey I need this.

..... Now this is what I have been waiting for all my life

Copywriters are among the best paid people on the planet....

the good ones .... get paid upfront ... on completion and for the next 12 months.

Please don't compare us with article writers @ $1.50 per page

I have charged 1000 times that.

Good copywriters .... there are lots here. You recognize them by the price tag.

Sorry about the rant .... I like article writers they create a lot of gateway pages to the copy we write that does the selling.
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    Copywriters are among the best paid?...

    There are very few killing it writing copy. None of which
    hang out here reminding people they are.

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    To many people get copywriters and article writers mixed up. They expect to pay a few buck to get someone to write a sale letter for them thinking its just an article.

    Or do not value copywriters and want to pay them article fees instead.

    The bad part is most copywriters don't value their work either. They charge just pennies for there services and harm those who really are great copywritrs.

    There is a great difference between the two.

    Don't have the time to write emails that will get opened, read and your reader to take action then leave me a message. I will get back to you within 48 hrs.

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    Article writers may not write good copy but that doesn't mean that copywriters can't write good articles. Sure we have to charge a bit more for articles - but they can be written to sell too.

    The whole point of the articles I write is to pre-sell someone before they ever click the resource box to see the real copy. In many cases that makes my article just as important copy-wise as the sales letter.

    Oh, I enjoy writing articles as well.
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    Sure we have to charge a bit more for articles - but they can be written to sell too.
    One of the better known copywriters has a book out on how to sell using white papers. He doesn't charge $1.50 a page, and you can bet the content is as different from article writing as a fish is to a bicycle.

    The trouble is, in general, article writers aren't writers. They are typists, human scrapers. Barely one in twenty even know the true purpose of the articles they type.

    A copywriter would know one heck of a lot more about using articles for marketing. But then you would imagine IMers would too, and that is disappointing as well.
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    Good points! The two styles of writing are like night and day.
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    Most start out on the Internet to make some money. So they explore article writing.

    I respect that.

    Copywriters are tasked with writing copy that converts.

    If what you write converts to sales you should be charging top dollar.

    Some really good comments, thanks all.
    swdcomputers@gmail.com For the best real deal in town!
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    Please don't compare us with article writers @ $1.50 per page

    I have charged 1000 times that.
    A couple questions come to mind. First, are you "for hire?"

    Then, who are you, what do you do, who do you do it for?

    If you once charged about $1,500 per page...

    What do you charge now?


    PS. This is weird. You talk of "copywriters" in the third person, as if you aren't.

    PPS. Why apologize for a rant? Doesn't it defeat the purpose?
    Long Lost Warriors! The Secret Sales System! Act Now! Buy Now! Right Now!
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    You're totally right!


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