Hello writers. Does this sound about right?

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The past couple weeks have been very busy for me. I began writing for Textbroker after my unemployment ran out. Having sent out countless resumes for my field (engineering) with no success, I decided to seek a means of generating income on my own. During this time, my brother asked for my help with beating the learning curve to help in starting an internet marketing business.

So far, I've maintained a 4 star rating at Textbroker over the course of 70 articles and worn myself out taking in information and getting things going with my brother. I've got an application in with Demand Studios and a classified ad pending here in the warrior forum. I'm trying to find a way to do far better than 1.5 cents per word. Anyways, I just wanted to throw my story out there and get some communication going with some folks more familiar and experienced than myself at this writing gig. Please let me know if it sounds like I'm headed in the right direction.
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    You'll want to specialize.

    The term "copywriter" gets thrown around a lot and some people use it to describe all kinds of writers. This forum is about direct response copywriting, writing sales copy.

    The guys who make money in here (and there are guys some guys who make REAL money in here) don't get paid to "write", they get paid to sell.

    So, maybe copywriting is your thing, maybe it's not. But it's tough to make money as a generalist.

    If you're an "article writer" you CAN make money, but not by marketing yourself to the guys who pay peanuts.

    You say you're an engineer?

    I'm sure there's some well paying technical writing that you'd be a perfect fit for. Leverage your knowledge. Don't get paid to write, get paid because you can create specialized information that no one else can.

    You won't get rich writing for Textbroker or similar sites, and if you never ASK for more money and market yourself to people willing to pay it, you'll never get it.

    There are MANY MANY places that pay writers well. 1.5 cents a word (and no offense) is a joke for a good writer.

    Hope that helps and good luck.


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    I tend to agree that technical writing is your best bet. There's been a surge lately in demand for such writers. A good place to start getting better paid gigs is Elance. Make sure that you market yourself as a technical writer (people like specialists) and that you take the relevant tests and score big on them.

    Ultimately you want to build a network which will get you access to even better paid jobs. For this you must not only keep in contact with your former clients, but also keep in touch with other professionals.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,
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    What the hell. Here we go again. Look ...this is a Forum for Copywriters NOT 1.5 cents a word article writers. Read the sticky - http://www.warriorforum.com/copywrit...le-writer.html

    And you guys commenting are just encouraging a discussion on Article Writing - which is a whole other barrel of fish.
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      Every time I see a post by warriors complaining of the low paid writing gigs on the web, I sigh. You see, no one understands this better than me - I was in that position less than 10 months ago.

      I was being paid stupid amounts like 5 cents per 100 words (yes, I admit, that really was scraping the bottom of the barrel)

      Nowadays, I consistently earn around $75/hr writing offline - because that's where the money is.

      When you write online, you are competing against thousands of other writers - and I learnt this very quickly and did something about it asap.

      Anyone who can write well can make a substantial living writing for businesses - and its easy when you know how. I've worked on projects paying me hundreds of dollars for no more than half a day's work. And the opportunities are fantastic when you know where to look and how.

      My advice is to ditch the online writing. Use auction sites like Elance with caution - these can be like your side dish to the main - your offline work. And if you specialize, even better.
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        Originally Posted by arfasaira View Post

        Nowadays, I consistently earn around $75/hr writing offline - because that's where the money is.
        Shhh..you're giving away the secret.
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          Trying your luck on Elance, oDesk or surfing through Craigslist ads can help.

          But the best thing is to approach local trade houses or Chamber of Commerce to network with people who might be interested to offer work.
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    I don't see the connection between textbroker writing and real copywriting for sales performance. My clients don't go to textbroker when they want winning copy.

    Textbroker is worth what you get there, which are just $5-10 articles IMHO.
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    As others have said, this forum isn't about article writing. Now, people are different and I respect that, but personally I'd bash my head in with a hammer before writing for 1.5 cents a word. God, that's pure drudgery, and probably no more pleasant than working at Mickey Dees or on an assembly line.

    If you want to write $5 articles, there are plenty of places that help with that. This forum is for copywriters, who generally charge $1000 and up for a piece of writing (if they are any good). Does that help clarify the difference?
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