Swipe files for marketing New Year's Eve Campaign!

by smak
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Hi all

Marketing New year's eve parties - Anyone knows of any previous successfull ads/promotions promoting this Big Night Party theme or can direct me to right location for researching and swiping purposes.

Much appreciated and thanks in advance.
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    Haven't heard of anything before, but, if I understand you right, you want to market new years eve's parties, correct?
    I have done a bit of research on that, starting with wp themes. The only two good ones that I could find where those two, although you might consider just searching for party themes:

    Download New Year themes and templates
    New Years Pop Theme Wordpress Themes

    For research on how to market them in a strategical sense, I found those two sites:

    Marketing New Year’s Eve Parties
    This talks about a guy who has done exactly what you seem to be wanting, maybe you can go on from there.

    Best way to market a book for xmas & New Years at this late date! MAJOR publisher not self-published! | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
    This talks about how to market a book for new year, but includes some tips that you can use too, like using all your network of personal contacts to get the word out.

    There seem to be no or hard to find resources on this, probably because it's a once-per-year opportunity that just doesn't give much revenue overall.

    But what I would recommend is really using your personal contacts to get the word out, messaging people on facebook who are living in the party area, maybe writing a post on a popular site on facebook that is in the area, so people who liked it will see the message. For example maybe you host a party in manhatten and there's a cool club in manhatten that has a lot of followers on facebook. Then you could write a comment about their last party, telling them how great it was and then adding "but I think this party that I'm hosting on new years eve will be even a bigger thing. Look here for more information".

    Furthermore you should contact local radio and tv stations, bloggers if they exist on a local basis, newspapers and everyone else you can think of to get the word out.
    Also you could print flyers and pin them up at local businesses, bakeries, starbucks (no idea if they'd allow that, but always ask before you do it!) and places where your prospects might go (university? college?).

    I hope I could help you with those ideas, it's really hard to find information on this topic online, but you should be good to go with these tips.


    My German site about sleeping problems, review of the squeeze page appreciated: Schlafprobleme

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    Although I don't have any examples rolling off the tip of my brain/tongue, if I had to have a package for a NYE bash together in a hurry, I'd probably look to other time-sensitive, limited-invite type promotions. Big one-time-only seminars, that sort of thing.

    There ought to be about a million times as many of those done up by big time copywriters than there would be for party letters, and a lot of the same psychology ought to apply.

    Sounds like you're under a tight deadline, so good luck.
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