Perprae to be dzazeld cirtiuqe plaese

by Lou Krapper Banned
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Yuor cirtiuqes are mroe tahn weclmoe plaese - Fere bouns book for hepling me out!

Lrean How to Sepll Efortelslsy in Lses Tahn One Weak

If Egnilsh is not yuor fsrit lanuggae or you hvee torbule slepling, tihs mhgit jsut be the prefect prdocut for smooene lkie yuorslef.

'tis claled... How to Slepl Prefetcly in One Waek or Lses!

Mnay hnuderds of toushands of poelpe hvee a geart dael of torulbe laernnig how to sepll wrods croretcly.

If tihs aplpies to you dn'ot wrory, hlep is at hnad.

Wtih tihs new aewsmoe pecie of stfowrae by your sdie nveer aagin wlil you hvee to wrory aobut fnidbnig the rghit ltetres and inesrtnig tehm itno tiehr crorcet pisotoins wtihin a wrod snice all of tihs is dnoe for you wtih tihs aamznig banrd new pecie of sftowrae.

Perprae to be dzazeld, bolwn aawy by the all new gzimo wdiegt wihch atoomtiiclaly crorcets yuor seplling on the fly.

No mtater how bad yuor cerrunt seplling is tihs spuerb aplpicatoin will atomaticually crorcet youo sepllnbig for you as you tpye the wrods in.

Yuors tdoay for jsut $97

Pelase cilck hree to buy it now.
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    My take is that mispelling the headline is cute, but I would write the rest of it in more readable (correctly spelled) English. You could instead use mispellings more along the lines of:

    Have you ever typed

    Sail on Stake Diners

    when you meant

    Sale on Steak Dinners

    Also -- I think you need to answer the question of why they wouldn't just use Microsoft Word or another program with a built-in spell-checker.

    Just my 2 cents,
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    Your link is broken. Tried to click it.

    My free PSD logs can be downloaded at PSD Bum. Enjoy!

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    Spell chekc pease.
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    And not even a nod to the Thread I posted the other day. idiot.
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