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I may come across as a grumpy old ******* here but I'm not unapproachable. If you need any help with your copy or would like some resources sent to you, just drop me a PM or email me - or even pester me on Skype. I don't have a lot of time. I come here as a distraction to what I'm currently working on - usually half-a-dozen projects at once. I come here for the comeraderie, the laughs and yes - to stir things up. But that doesn't mean i don't like to help people. I started in this biz at 16. LOL. By door-knocking agencies. I scored a gig with J. Walter Thompson (at the time the world's biggest and best advertising agency) and began as a Despatch Boy - as you did back then - on take home pay of $16.20 - and had to do a lot of nasty tasks and take a lot of sh*t from advertising types.

I can't really speak for others here but I'm sure a lot of them feel the same - they love to help people up the ladder - if they have the time and if you're willing to learn.

Now back to my usual schtick - "Get out - no copy for you!"

The Copy Nazi

p.s. if you're going to Skype me at least write a brief message of what you want - not just "Dillbrain would like to add you to his contacts and know when you're available". I get a lot of time-wasters that just want to pick my brains, spam me or ask my price for "article-writing" or "copy righting". WTF? And here's a clue - make your Skype message funny or interesting - pitch me. Don't bore the crap out of me or I'm likely to ignore you.
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    Noted, Sir...

    "copy righting" !!!!

    Sir Lambe! You might want to venture into the copyright business as well. Maybe that's a calling for you (and many other copywriters)


    P.S. "Latest dirt files" - Why was it being called the "dirt files? Can't connect with this -- I have a slow brain...

    P.P.S Also, the email address starts with "badnews"... This is seriously interesting!
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    Ay, Mal, I've got a real treat for you. I'll hook you up. I got 27 PLR articles on a teaching foreign language to your 74 year old grandmother, satellite signal technology, and proper office filing techniques and archiving procedures.

    I need each one re-written 4 times, 2 from the perspective of a man, and the others from that of a woman. This should be an easy job for the right person. Please PM your rates, and we'll get on the blower about this unique massive opportunity for your career. Thanks.


    Long Lost Warriors! The Secret Sales System! Act Now! Buy Now! Right Now!
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      Mal? A grumpy old *******?

      Bah humbug. All show and hot air. Prancing around with self identification issues hence the need to brand himself as a big, tough guy in this industry - not to be messed with.

      He's a big cuddly teddy bear (as fluffy as they come) when you find his soft underside. Not that he'll share that with anyone willingly.

      Men! :rolleyes:

      You'll have to excuse him for now... he's just going through 'the change'.

      Hot flushes to follow later.
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    At JWT I had to re-fill the water-coolers, take out the trash, collect dirty handtowels and pass out the new ones, pick up lunches, pick up type-setting, deliver mail on foot all round town, and all sorts of other dirty jobs - General Dogsbody - that was me. Actually there were two of us despatch boys. Our official title was "advertising cadet". I got the gig by choosing two press ads from a national magazine - what I thought the best and the worst - and writing why I thought it the best or the worst. I also had to furnish a review of a product and write the story of my miserable life in so many words. Oh yeah - and a full day of testing at the Institute of Industrial Psychology - which revealed I had narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies (ASPD*), talked too much and was more than likely to be a congenital liar. They also discovered I loved my beer and ciggies...when I came back from the lunch break half-shot and smelling like an ash-tray. In other words I was perfect for a career in advertising. JWT hired me on the spot.

    * Signs of Anti-Social Personality Disorder

    • Apparent lack of remorse or empathy for others
    • Persistent lying or stealing
    • Cruelty to animals
    • Poor behavioral controls — expressions of irritability, annoyance, impatience, threats, aggression, and verbal abuse; inadequate control of anger and temper
    • A history of childhood conduct disorder
    • Recurring difficulties with the law
    • Promiscuity
    • Tendency to violate the boundaries and rights of others
    • Aggressive, often violent behavior; prone to getting involved in fights
    • Inability to tolerate boredom
    • Poor or abusive relationships
    • Irresponsible work behavior
    • Disregard for safety
    here's another dude that was a JWT despatch boy - Australian Advertising legend John Singleton - http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/new...-1111117357297
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