Do Writers Come Here Looking for Jobs?

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Hello everyone. I just joined, although I was a member of the old Warrior Forum several years ago. I am wondering, do online writers come to this forum looking for jobs? I post job leads on my writing blog and I would like to share these leads with writers who are looking.
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    There are definitely freelance writers that are part of this forum. You can find them in the "Warriors for Hire" section. Another option would be to set up a mailing list that they could sign up for and then you can just email them the leads everyday.


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    yeah! Writers usually post threads in this forum to look for jobs. This is one of their ways of marketing themselves.
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    I hate the word job, always looking for opportunity
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    i am a freelance writer and i have gotten over 50 jobs just through the warrior forum...
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    Well for sure there are also writers in this forum sites. Soon they can read this post.
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    Yes, there's plenty of highly skilled writers looking
    for work on the forum.

    "Meeting beautiful women is easy IF you know the right way to do it!"

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    I guess so, that's what my signature says. lol
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    Yes, there are indeed many writers around here looking for opportunities. Unfortunately, on this forum and not only market price is going down since competition is getting higher and higher. I can not understand how some of them agree to write on such small rates, like 50 cents per 100 words.
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