Product launch, Video has aussie accent (me) opinions?

by oda
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G'day everyone,

I have launched a product (my first) and have made a sales page with a video demo of my software in action.

I am an Aussie and its my voice in the video, I'm just not sure how I sound or if my voice is clear enough. It sounds ok to me, But does that really matter......

I am making a few sales, but not enough data to really be meaningful yet.

I just don't know if I've done a good enough job of the writing and if that video is any good.

I feel it may be cramped?

Thanks in advance all


Sales page espinnerpro{DOT}com
Video In question You tube id: fpBp_OpSWFk
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    Hi.. i like your SL. Thats good for me
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    Yes it is decent, don't worry about the accent.
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    Thanks for the link, Bruce. I remember that test and recently relayed the results to a client, but I couldn't find where I'd read it.

    Stephen Dean
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      Dear Oda

      From an English perspective I can tell you that we are quite pre-disposed to Aussies. Especially now that we beat you in the Ashes on your home turf. We all love an underdog and now you are one.

      Cheers mate
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    Thank you everone for the feedback, It looks like I might get my 8 hours tonight.

    Bruce: Champion Link Mate Thanks!
    (I thought autoplay would have went the other way, Interesting. Also the Australian results are an eye opener)

    Also if you get a sec Bruce, could you let me know what data would be good?
    I did some math on a few articles I have here and 4 billion unique versions sounded like a clickbank product so I left it out. (4 level spinning) Thanks Mate.

    DAN: I will not mention Ireland V England at the world cup, What Happened there after that Century? Man I like cricket, anything can happen, Including birds being killed when flying low over the pitch and getting hit by pace bowlers. What are the odds of that. (SCG a few years back) See you at lords in 2 years and PLEASE chill the Beer!

    Again thanks for the Info to those that have contributed it is Much appreciated.

    I have a new version of the sales page to launch, I just might sit on that one for a while longer now the Paranoia has gone.

    Champion Forum, Love it!

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      You got me there pal!

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    Voice may matter but as long as you sound informative and you know what you are talking about, you should sound fine.
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    I have been using my Aussie accent for years and never hurt my sales.

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