Has anyones Handwriting Suffered due to typing so much?

by oda
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The other day I was required to write about an a4 page of handwriting. A task I haven't done for a fair while.

What I noticed was that I wanted to write fast and had to really concentrate on making the pen and my brain go at the same speed.

At the end of the page I looked at it and thought back to how badly my 2nd grade teacher would have yelled at me for turning that in. It was just a horrible looking piece of paper that i was ashamed to put my name on.

Has anyone else had a similar occurence? It was really quite eye opening and I have resolved to write more on paper instead of using notepad.

Or Maybe all that coffee is finally getting to me?

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    I've gotten to the point I almost can't write legibly anymore...
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      So, I'm not alone then, lol!

      Seriously, about the only time I write anything by hand anymore is if I sign the back of a check..

      Originally Posted by SGForce View Post

      I've gotten to the point I almost can't write legibly anymore...
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    Ha! I just had to reply - I used to have great handwriting, but really started upping my computer use in college, and now my handwriting looks like scribbles. When I first noticed, I was kinda sad and almost resolved to practice writing more, but realized that's just fighting the tides of time. Heck, I may even just move over to voice dictation software soon.
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    Yes, it might happen but you should be able to recover it pretty soon.

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    yep totally agree my handwriting was not great anyway but working on a pc all dsy means its got far worse, slower and not very good at all
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    For a long time I wasn't writing much and, when I restarted, my page looked like a spider had stepped into ink and walked all over it.
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    absolutely. I feel your pain!
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      I guess I'm different than most. I've always had an artistic bent, as well as a deep love of writing.

      So I went out to a craft store and bought myself a calligraphy pen.

      Gotta say, I love it! Copying all those sales letters by hand suddenly turned into a work of art. And I carry that pen everywhere - folks can't believe there is still such a thing as a fountain pen. (Okay, it's a cartridge pen.)

      So no, typing all day has not affected my handwriting a bit - unless you want to count my cursive writing getting better.


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    I am so Glad it is not just my Brain getting revenge for my teenage years.

    Thanks all, Its actually pretty Funny that some people (Me too) seel our writing services yet if we had to fill in a form with a pen it would be unreadable.

    Is that we vote with an X?

    Take care
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    I think that even my cat has a better hand writing than me at the moment. Last time I had to write something down I was thinking : When is the last time I used a pen? And honestly, I really couldn't remember.
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    My handwriting was completely horrible!

    Now that I write by hand everyday, esspecially since I currently do not have a computer , and I have seen some great improvement.
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    No my hand writing has not suffered much. I always did have sloppy hand writtting. It is readable but not fancy and neat looking like I would like it to be. If I write real slow, then yes it looks better, but who has the time in this busy world to write a 750 a words a day slowly. That would take all day for me. Well almost all day. I'm glad for typing.

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    Hell, yes. I type so much now as a Demand Media writer, my handwriting sucks compared to only a year ago.
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    • Profile picture of the author Tashi Mortier
      I must say that I really hate writing by hand because it is just so much slower than typing.

      Of course my handwriting has also suffered from writing on the PC so much, and not only that! It really hurts to write a few pages if I have to, just totally out of exercise!

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    As an artist I suffered greatly too! I started with sketching, painting, then got into web
    design where I didn't even touch a pencil for over 3 years. So to say that my handwriting
    suffered would be a complete understatement. It's weird! I make mistakes frequently when
    I write.

    Imagine that!
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      Suffered? I can barely read it 5 minutes after I have written it!
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    Yes my handwriting alsp suffered. I started a while back to write morning pages (3 of them) and I cna tell you I cannot read what I write.
    One f teh advice of my son teacher was , let your children see you awrite, do a shopping list by hand, write, otehrwise children do not see us writing any longer.
    My son is 6 now so he is writing lots, and pratcicing, and I do not think he sees me writing at all.
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    I was a production typist for years. Not only is my handwriting shot, I also have to be cautious with hobbies that involve hand and wrist stress. I used to love to crochet afghans and now it causes so many problems, I may have to give it up.
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      Oh my, yes. I just noticed this over the last couple weeks when I started doing some handwritten journaling again. Even with a favorite style pen, my words were practically illegible. After a few days, the skill started coming back... thank goodness.
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    Do they still teach penmanship in schools? I remember that was one of my favorite things to do.
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      LOL, glad it isn't just me! I use my debit, cc, for just about everything. I still have to write out about 3 checks a month and they are awful. I also take notes by hand now instead of using notepad for everything, so it is getting better.

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    Well it hasn't suffered that much but takes more time now. But the time when everyone asked for my notes to make a copy is irreversibly lost
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