Test Results: Went From 4% To 45% Visitors To Buyers

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Lexington Law reached a plateau at 4% of website visitors buying online.

Their chief marketing man knew their telephone people were excellent at converting callers into buyers.

The challenge and test was to see if he could get the website visitors to phone in.

He did two things to encourage it.

#1 Free call telephone number was displayed in bold at top right.

#2 A pop up displayed at the minute mark to ask if they would like to talk to somebody.

Site visitors to sales shot up to 45%.

That operation now feeds 700 salaries and commissions.

The obvious question is...why not test a pop up yourself to invite visitors to phone you?

You don't have to pick up the phone yourself or have an assistant do it...you can invite them to leave a message.

Those that phone in give you valuable data.

You can find out how many phone in, which may mean you need to make your copy clearer, or provide a faq.

You may want to speak to them for a while to see how many you can convert to customers/clients.

From what you learn can be taught to an assistant to do the converting for you.

You can have your assistant make an up-sell offer at point of sale.

You can have her offer a down-sell if there is no initial sale.

As Jay Abraham would say "optimize and test all leverage points".

Food for thought.

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