Push Button Sales Letter Software: Cash Waster or Income Maker?

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Has anyone tried the push buttom sales letter software yet? Does it work? If so, any reccomendations. If not, any horror stories? What's the advantages and limitations?
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    You literally push a button, and it's like Halbert has risen from the grave to create your ad for you.

    It gets everything, it knows your market, it understands your offer, it knows the message to market match for EVERY market on the planet.

    I stopped "writing" for clients months ago, now I simply use the software and my projects are turned in and converting in less than 5 minutes!


    Okay, seriously now, check that B.S. detector in your head. Do you really think there's a software out there that can spit out sales letters that convert?

    I'll be honest, I'm not sure which "push button software" you're referring to. But the one's I've played with are all junk.

    Copywriting isn't something you can handle with automation.

    Software can't understand human psychology. Or nailing the message to market match and hitting prospects on that gut level that fuels conversions.

    Then again, for all I know, they have an app for that.

    Just my three-fitty.


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    Copywriting isn't something you can handle with automation.
    This isn't copywriting. It's (usually, pretty much exclusively) a fill-in-the blank template.

    The limitations are they require templates which are so generic as to be nearly worthless, or require you to be a copywriter to fill-in anything more than your product or service with any real hope of success.

    Good luck with bullet points or a USP coming across in a template. You're getting something which would apply to anyone in an industry, at best. Several unrelated industries at common worst.

    Better than lorem ipsum. But that isn't much of an endorsement.

    "Who else wants" is often copied, not for its success, but for its ease of mindless search-and-replace. Who Else Wants is merely template compatible.
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    If you're looking to crank out a lot of sales letters for
    obscure, uncompetitive niches, such software may help
    you get them up and testing the market.

    Demand has a lot to do with why a product sells. Even
    a bad salesletter won't eliminate real demand. Thus
    if you're testing demand, quickie salesletters as a testing
    method may be useful.

    If you find a niche product that's converting with a
    template-generated salesletter, you can probably get
    significantly higher conversions with a more carefully
    hand-crafted sales letter.

    I've fooled a bit with one or two of these software
    programs. I wasn't much impressed.

    The Burpie sales letter creator has, as I recall, a quite
    well-written sales letter to sell it and the creator is
    actually a respected pro copywriter. Some of the
    sales letter programs were created by marketers with
    little or no track record freelancing themselves.
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    Ya, I completely agree. Copywriting cannot be handled by any software or some automated stuff like that. It needs a proper attention from a human mind. I have not used any thing like that till now because of the responses it has received.
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    I was curious about that also Niche man. I would love to find out about a reassonably priced sales letter software that could help me with formatting. I dont care a rat about the pre-written content in some ssoftwares. I need a sales letter software that I can put in my own content and have it make it look professional. Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated.

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      Originally Posted by don777 View Post

      I need a sales letter software that I can put in my own content and have it make it look professional. Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated.
      This might be what you're looking for:

      Optimize Press | Pro Internet Marketing Tools

      Andrew Gould

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