How I lost an $1800 copywriting contract

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So I was on here bragging about all my recent success. Guess what...I F&(ked up.

I was asked through elance if I could start Monday. I replied through Gmail, "Of course."

Then on Monday I get an email, "I guess that means NO!"

I'm like, WTF? I look in my email thread and my message is sitting there as a draft. IT NEVER GOT SENT! What the ****!?

I email her monday morning and explain. She say's she's done this herself and understands, but went an awarded the contract to another writer.

It was 60 hours of writing work at $15 an hour, ongoing. It was like my paid internship. I'm so very, very pissed right now. I even took a day off my restaurant job.

**** My Life. I know I can get more work but this really sucks.
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    Oh, Sabastion that's too bad. Sorry about the loss, it's gotta suck. Unfortunately, lesson learned the hard way.
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      Sebastion, I'm so sorry to hear about what happened! Forgive yourself buddy!! My initial reaction would have been to kick myself too, so I feel your pain!

      But here's what I'm thinking... there may be a reason that you didn't send it. Like a reason that you can't see right now. To some that might sound lame, but just watch and see in the next few days, if something doesn't happen that lends some insight into why this may have happened.

      I'm a big believer in what I call Our Inner Wisdom. Trust that inner wisdom and see if there might not end up being a reason that you didn't send it.

      Even if you never understand why you made that oversight, let it go. I know what happened sucks. Big time.

      We've all done it. Let's believe that there's something bigger and better for you just around the corner!

      Cheers to you!
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    I agree. It's not the end. I was just excited. So much experience!

    Today I will open an account on Odesk. I will work harder and play the angles. I'll hustle my ass off and never have to buss another table.
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    Originally Posted by Sebastion View Post

    I email her monday morning and explain. She say's she's done this herself and understands, but went an awarded the contract to another writer.
    You are one lucky man!

    If she would really understand, she would have hired you. This only tells you that she is a liar. I guess you don't need that.

    It might look like not optimum right now. But what if you would have grown ulcers after writing for her.


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    I took the post to mean that since she didn't receive a reply, she went ahead and hired someone else.
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    Keep in contact just in case the other writer disappoints or otherwise flakes out.

    I put the odds at about 50-50.
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    I know you're using Elance as a major platform to launch yourself and that's great. One word of caution:

    Always message from within the PMB. Here's why:

    Email servers- ESPECIALLY free ones like Yahoo and Gmail, are often extremely delayed when integrating with Elance. Meaning, let's say you open your email and you see one there from an Elance client. You read it and respond directly through your email, but it doesn't show up in the PMB for sometimes HOURS!

    This can be a critical consideration on Elance. Years ago when we did a lot of work there, we would often target projects where the person needed it done NOW. We discovered the email delay between independent servers and Elance this way, because we sent messages from email or received messages from Elance that were actually sent on the PMB hours before it was received in our (or our client's) inbox.

    So, always use the PMB; it's just safer and in the case of your OP, it would have saved you $1800. However, listen to what Daniel said: Writers on Elance often flake out or just don't perform. If you've handled yourself professionally then she'll be back if this happens.

    But really, it doesn't matter much, because you'll never make this mistake again. ;-)
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    I feel your pain, and I'm not sure where you live, but $15 per hour isn't all that.

    Especially if you already have a job. I know it's about experience, but there are tons more opportunities out there with higher pay and better experiences to be had.

    Chin up
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    I agree with Nick's sentiments.

    I'm sorry you lost out on this opportunity - but look at it this way: Now you have more time to spend pursuing better-paying copy jobs!

    Trust me, you can make a lot more than $15/hr writing copy

    Just remember to not let this get you down. Keep moving forward, work smart, eat/sleep/drink copy and you'll get to where you want to be before you know it.
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    Maybe email her a "$XXXX Discount Voucher" or something, considering you fudged up.

    As you were her first choice it might put you in good standing for future work.

    I don't agree with the "$15/hr isn't all that" sentiment... clearly it's worth something to you, considering this post. When I was learning I'd write for free. Folk will tell you that's stupid, but I'm doing great now.

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      Thanks everyone.

      It's crazy, but right now I'm in the interview process to write a 25 page ebook for $300. Lol.

      Gotta start somewhere.
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        I feel bad for anyone messing up. Here is a thought though. Supplement your copywriting business with ebooks. Write an ebook on Smashwords and you will have a no drm ebook that Smashwords will distribute WORLDWIDE. It only costs you to actually get someone to produce the ebook that knows Smashwords. Don't overcharge. Check out my ebook as an example that is selling worldwide. It is only 7000 words but is an important subject to many. Ponzi Housing Scheme 21st Century

        The person who got this ebook distributed by Smashwords premium catalog was Sandy Mertens. She is doing other ebooks for a guy who was in the Royal Navy in Britain. Or you can figure out the Smashwords system yourself if you are a techie type.

        I gain no monetary interest in getting customers for Sandy. I am doing this as a favor to her, but also to you guys who are pumping out words for peanuts and frustration. If you have something to write about that you want for yourself, this is the way to do this. Read this about Smashwords/Scrollmotion too.
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    Feel sorry about that, ... Keep looking for another job

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      The way for anyone reading this thread to avoid this is to check your sent folder after you send important emails. Sorry this comes to late for the op this time...

      (guess how I learned to do this)
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    I do most of my business on Skype. You can see and talk to the client in real time. You can also video-conference - which is handy when its a partnership or you want to bring the designer in on the conversation.
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    I'm a little late but did want to say that it is probably just as well this opportunity was missed.

    For all that the client said she understood... Obviously she didn't and might have gone on to make the other writers life miserable.

    In the future triple check every "sent" message just to be sure things go through. Also, BCC yourself if you want to be extra careful.
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    Ouch! Lesson learned. Next time, remember to double check.
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