Another Copywriter Who Has The Balls To Do This...

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Qualifying the prospect.

Saves the agony of getting burnt.

John does it in a way that sounds both rational and reasonable.

Take a look to see what I mean.

John Fancher - Copywriter

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    John is a student of Perry.

    Having had experience with both John and Perry, they definitely screen to a fine dust.

    I love that method.

    I remember Perry had an open stop on his team and asked people to PAY TO APPLY.


    The rage is caused.

    And guess what...

    ... he got amazing talent.

    I support this thread and those who have big balls (or productive olvaries).

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      Yeah I remember Perry putting the fox in the hen-house...and the fury it caused.

      Chet Holmes does it and gets his clients to do it in recruiting sales people.

      Brad Sugars of Action Coach does it in recruiting franchisees in the business coaching arena.

      If you're going to be the leader, then you have to give people instructions...otherwise you aren't thinning the herd of average and below average people coming into your world...includes clients, employees and suppliers.

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