Best Font Size for Website Sales Pages?

by Dexx
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Hey gang,

I've tried looking around but can't find a consistent answer to this:

Is there a font-size that has been proven to increase conversions better than others?

I'm thinking the default 12pt font (this default forum size) might be too small?

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    I generally use 14pt Tahoma font.

    Mark "Drez" Dresner
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      I typically go with 13pt Verdana.

      Verdana and Tahoma are family, but Tahoma's spacing is more condensed. I think Verdana's wider spacing makes it more readable, especially for the older eyes that reside in my customer's skulls.

      I've never tested conversion rates for fonts, so can't comment on that.

      But whatever font you choose, if the reader notices it, it's the wrong font.
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        Hey Dexx,

        Basically, font doesn't matter 100%, it can change conversions, but it's really impossible to predict how without some split-testing, but ultimately, it depends on the page.

        The reality, it's the WORDS that make the sale or not (see avatar), it's not really about the font that they're in.

        Hope that helps.
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    Hey Dexx,

    It can have a lot to do with age of the people you are selling too.

    Young people with good eyes can view a smaller font than an older person like me.

    I like Verdana 14.

    M E
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