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by Drez
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Here's a Biz Op copy example circa 1969.

The headline is straight to the point - and hits on what many people dream about (getting rich).

There are a few elements to this ad that would clearly NOT stand up to current FTC guidelines.

However there's still a lot you can learn from this ad.

Take note how the subheads walk you through the copy - and hit desire, curiosity, and urgency.

Click the link below to download this copywriting example for your own copy swipe file (no opt-in needed).

"How to get rich" Free Copywriting Example | Classic Biz Op copy swipe file
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    This is classic stuff!

    In fact, this post came just in time - I'm writing copy that's close to this one.

    Thanks a lot!
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    This is good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    Biz Op at its best!

    Thanks for sharing
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      I have some other great classic ads to post soon.

      Stay tuned!

      Mark "Drez" Dresner
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