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· Think differently. Invest more time on research and topic. Employ your critical thinking when you kick start with your writing endeavors.
· Pick out necessary information and appropriate words for your writing.
· Write numerous and multiple drafts.
· You can use quotes and citations but make sure you don't copy others writing.
· Learn to organize your research material and thoughts.
· Start early and know how to budget your time.

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    Decent post.

    Also include that you need to have PERFECT Grammar. Also pick up some books on how to manipulate people's way of thinking and trigger words and calls to emotions etc. etc. All definitely help when you're writing a sales letter.
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    And be mindful about your train of thought. It should not be redundant.
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    And also be aware that essay writing has little or nothing to do with copywriting...
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    Research, Research and Research. I find copy is a doodel when I've got my market, avatar and all other required information in front of me
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