Any suggestions about writing great content for mini-sites?

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Hi all,

I'm focusing on building mini-sites. Do you have any suggestions about how to write great content?

Any tips and tricks are more than welcomed. Thanks!

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    Do this:

    1) Go through forums on the topic. Look at Amazon reviews for books on the subject.

    2) Find 5 most asked questions

    3) Write an article of at least 400 words with useful tips that answer those questions.

    Start from there, this will give you a "feel" of the market. You'll then find it easier to create new stuff for them.
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    I use amazons "look inside" to get an idea of the framework of the site, i.e. the number of pages and what that content should cover. I then go into forums and start looking at fears, frustations, hopes and dreams and then generally starting going through Eban Pagan's Guru Mastermind Blueprint Marketing method... works a treat.

    I also only pick niches, I know. E.g. fitness, marketing etc
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  • Hi there

    I would recommend the google sniper course to give you ideas in this area
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    Thanks for all great feedback. I'd it's about writing great content providing values to the visitors. It would keep the "bounce rate" lower.
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    Anyone know of a reputable mini site builder that will coach you through the process in order to do it yourself later?
    Someone that you can actually contact by phone?
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