Attention copywriters & Article Writers: Couldn't have said it better...

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Go for it--you can do it.

- Rick Duris
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    Thanks for sharing.
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    thanks for sharing ^^...
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    "...Work for a coal mine and make minimum wage. Discover a coal mine and never need to work again..." to quote Seth. Good advice...and I can tell you it pays off.
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      Originally Posted by brucerby View Post

      "...Work for a coal mine and make minimum wage. Discover a coal mine and never need to work again..." to quote Seth. Good advice...and I can tell you it pays off.
      That's why the most successful internet millionaires are those who exploit a new marketing channel for all its worth until the hoards of gold diggers start crashing the party and spoiling it for everyone.
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    I'm a huge Seth Godin fan. I've read many of his books and my favorite so far is Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? My second favorite is his most recent, Poke the Box, delivered through his Domino Project. (www"dot"thedominoproject"dot"com) I've been especially interested in his commentary regarding the publishing industry. (And The Domino Project is a direct result of it.)

    Basically, he's been singing the same song for years.

    You are unique. You are brilliant. Quit waiting for someone to give you permission to fill the world with your own brand of genius.

    I am working on doing just that. It's tempting at times to look at the job boards on various sites but a recent visit to one made me realize that pursuing my own ideas is the right direction.

    Case in point: Content blogging farms (This may be OT but it proves the point of Godin's article.)

    I applied for a blogging position. Long story short, whoever "they" were wanted:
    • 3-4 500 word articles a day
    • At least 6 days per week
    • Pay: $1 per 100 words

    I'm not sure how long it takes for anyone else to write a decent blog post, filled with helpful information and links, but for me, it takes around an hour (including finding graphics). More if it includes creating my own graphic.

    So for about 4 hours work, I would have been making around $20.

    I work a full-time job and am developing a side business. I figured I wouldn't have time for anything else if I took on that job (like eating and sleeping). Oh, and they wanted a commitment for ONE YEAR.

    So. For those who are looking to be hired by someone for a copywriting gig, I say: Create your own product. Figure out what you love to do, what type of knowledge you have to share, who needs that knowledge -- and then go for it!

    Because your skills are worth MUCH more than $5 an hour.
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    Thanks for sharing that.
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    thanks for the share.

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    thank u so much for sharing..
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