How many types of bullet points are there?

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Hi All,

I'm doing a presentation in July for a writer's brown bag seminar, and I thought it might be fun to ask the audience how many types of bullet points there are...

So, if you use bullet points in your copy, can you give me the name of your favorite type? And if you want to provide an explanation as well, just to clarify it (in case you call it by a different name than someone else), that would be okay too.

Also - how many different types do you think there are? Please put your answer to that question at the top - and we'll see who got it right as we tally up the comments...

And by the way, it's okay if you list the same type as someone else. Depending on how many total answers I get, I might create a popularity chart showing which ones are used most often! (I'll share results at the end)
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    What is your favorite type of bullet point?
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      Re:How many types of bullet points are there?

      Only 2...those that get the desired response and those that don't.

      My all time favorite are ones that combine benefit or fear + what they are familiar with + almost naming it + add some feeling to what's on their mind.

      That's a teaser to drive them crazy, and the only way to find out what it is, is to take action.

      OK, here's an example in a fat ad...

      > Take this item you have in your pantry and combine it with these 2 others, and you have a yummy snack in minutes. Who said you can't eat cake and lose weight is a liar! This little indulgence and your sexy body is waiting here

      Common words in these type of bullets are this and these.

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        Thanks Ewen, very interesting!
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    The copy itself...or, the punch lines as you put it. How many different types are there, and do you have a favorite when writing copy?
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      Clayton Makepeace has an awesome bullet point lesson which is the best I seen. I attached it since it's no longer online. It revolutionize the way I did my bullets and that's why I crush it with my conversions.
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        Hey Thanks Kenneth! This is perfect and will help me a lot. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out and I'm sure that everyone who reads this post will be thanking you too, because this is full of great stuff!


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        Thank you, Kenneth. Clayton Makepeace is one of my heroes but unfortunately, I just discovered him last year in November, just a few months before he ended his "Total Package" site. (I know the archives are still there, but I was just getting to know his "copy cubs.") BOOM. Gone.

        Any time I can grab a Makepiece ANYTHING, I will. Top shelf stuff!
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    If you're really into copy bullets, you may want to consider boning up on Mel Martin's and Eugene Schwartz's work. They didn't call them bullets for instance, they called them "fascinations."

    Just a bit of copywriting trivia.

    - Rick Duris
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      Thanks Rick, I was just reading about that in the report Kenneth provided - and I guess it fits, doesn't it? I'm learning more than I expected, and I love that!
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    I like my bullet points round and black.
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      Too funny! I like mine with the cute little arrows... but different strokes for different folks are what makes the world go round! Thanks for playing...
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