L'Chaim - It's a Celebration (expletive removed ;)

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I just got my first gig from two big-name marketers I've had my sights on for a few weeks!!!

If i name dropped everybody on this forum would know who they are, but i don't know the protocol on name dropping

They mail this wed to BIG lists - so i also get my first stats from a sales letter outside my own publishing business...

and just as i suspected - copywriting for the big boys is more about networking than direct response marketing...

at least it was in this case

and these guys constantly need copy in all the markets i know...

just wanted to share some good news!!!

this is sooo much better than the bad old days when it took me twelve months to get a business going - hard won wisdom is still worth it...

i now have two profitable businesses - two income streams - a third coming online this week - and the ability to create more at will...

anybody here remember what it felt like when things started popping fast for them?!??!!?

if this were cashflow 101 I'd be outta the rat race and onto the fast lane

woooo-whooooo - l'chaim - it's a celebration bitches!!

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