Testicle Tearing SERP Headlines &....

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So I'm having a little dilemma with wordpress blog titles & attention grabbing headlines that rank in the serps.

Basically, I want to write some killer ass headlines so when people g00gle my keyword they will be uber-compelled to check out my site.

Say for instance you g00gle the Keyword: "Blackhat SEO"

what appears on the 1st page is my headline:

Uncover the underworld Blackhat SEO secret success formula of Jedi Masters!

Now let me tell you my problem.

I have all my article title links aligned on a small right-sided column on the home page. I would prefer to keep each article link just the keyword becuz a long ass title in the sidebar just takes up to much space & I would much rather have things looking more uniform, I am a lil OCD that way.

Is there a way that I can shorten my article title just down to the article keyword itself without having to edit the whole god damn thing?

Hope someone understands me.
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