How A Fool Idea Doubled Sales

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Elmer sold eggs on a busy country road while a boy in the early part of last century.

He had a fancy road sign until the wind came along and ruined it.

His spelling was wrong so tried it anyway on his new sign...that was the day his business doubled

Listen to the hilarious way he proved the eggs were fresh in the first video.

Then in the second video he gives his 5 step formula for sales success.

These steps came from testing 105,000 phrases for 5,000 different products on 19,000,000 people to find
the single most effective way to sell each product

Tested in the worst economic crises in American history, the 1930's

he spoke to more than 1,000,000 people per year at his height on how to sell.

And in the bottom link is his masterpiece book, Tested Sentences That Sell

No sign up, no download, just click on the chapter title and it opens as if you are into the book page.



P.S. Don't know if you know this, but Frank Kern surfaced last week on a call with Ryan Deiss revealing what he's been up to lately. Apart from telling his dodgy past, he went into great depth on his study of all the old sales pros from the early part of last century. Put what he learnt from those old masters into practice in today's market and got better results than his previous methods.

So you can squash those thoughts, "yeah but it won't work now".

Elmer Wheeler - America's Number One Salesman - Salesmanship Training - Table of Contents
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    This is new to me. Thanks :-)

    - Alex
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      Originally Posted by Alex Ceskavich View Post

      This is new to me. Thanks :-)

      - Alex
      Same here - Love it!
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    Ah, an old classic!

    There's nothing wrong with studying the old classics, imo.
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