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Hello Warriors,

I have launched my website few days back its a wordpress blog and I am promoting a clickbank product. I am getting targetted traffic from search engines but still not getting any sales.

My website has sent around 100 visitors to the vendors website but still no sales. My problem is I have a hard time selling clickbank ebooks as an affiliate. I don't know how to write a post so that my visitors end up buying from my links.

They just click my affiliate links and dont end up buying it. I don't know how to presell my visitors so that after clicking the links they end up buying the product.

Please someone review my website and give me some tips on how can I improve my conversions. Click here to go to my website.

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    Maybe you could offer them bonus material. I've purchased several products online that offered a special code after purchase that gave me access to bonus material on the site.

    Just make sure that the bonus material is super valuable and hard to resist.
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    The trick with affiliate marketing is not to sell. That's the job of the merchant.

    An affiliate site needs to attract visitors that would be interested in the merchant's product and warm them up so that when they get to the merchant's site the sale is a logical step.

    So you need to make sure there's a smooth journey from the point they see your ad, through your site to the merchant's site - it should be a smooth, logical journey.

    So make sure you're targetting the correct people and review the copy on your site - not to sell, but to smooth the visitor's path through to the merchant's site, so they can sell.

    Your site should be showing how the merchant's product solved a problem you had, met a need, etc. Use examples like that to create enough interest to encourage the visitor to click through.

    If you send the correct type of visitor through, properly warmed up, they will buy. Send the wrong type through and they won't.


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    Where do I begin? You start out by diminishing your authority, "Hey I'm only 24 and have done only 7 reviews" to summize what the person would take from it. (BAD)

    What are the benefits to buying this guide? I didn't search hard enough to find them (nor would most others). Where is the call to action? "Go here now to buy this guide if you want to 1,and 2, and 3!"
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    It sounds like you're unsure of why someone would actually want to buy this.

    Your Sentence: "On the other hand, if you are someone who is not a big Empires and Allies lover and doesn't like spending your hard earned cash on an eBook" really doesn't help you sell it as it puts the thought "Hmm... yea I don't really want to spend my hard earned cash on some game" in their mind.

    I used to sell a Mafia Wars guide and did very well with it (I tested out all the other products on clickbank and mine converted the best) but even then it only had a 0.6% conversion rate from squeeze to sale (40% opt in on squeeze but only 1.5% conversion rate on the actual sales page). So i'd presume your product will have a similar conversion rate which doesn't help.

    With gaming guides the biggest benefit is generally time saving. Show them that by purchasing this guide they can skip hours and hours of boring leveling / clicking and instead get to the fun parts of the game. Show them how much time they are wasting that they could be spending doing fun activities and how when they figure out a dollar value of that wasted time it ends up being a lot higher than the cost of this guide.

    That's all the advice I can think of at the moment. Hope it helps!
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