Need some help, I've hit a brick wall... hard.

by Weemz
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Hey people,

First time poster, long time lurker.

I've got a project I'm working on, it's an internal ad for one of our clients to notify their employees that they are launching a new extranet service that will provide daily updates and news, benefits and 401K info, supplier info and discounts, working tools, document sharing, social media integration of all the companies accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

The client is one of the top ten automotive parts suppliers in the world (this extranet will only be for NA employees at launch).

I've got 10 pages of headlines/concepts for the ad and they're all rubbish. Nothing is jumping out at me about this and getting me excited.

As this is just an internal poster/ad it doesn't have to be a Gold Lion worthy thing, but still, I'm stumped.

Most of my ideas are around collaboration, enhancing communication, empowering employees, with wordplay or connecting it to automotive: get on the inside track...., crap like that.

Any suggestions, ideas to get me going would e greatly appreciated.

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      Sorry, I'm stumped.

      What are you selling?

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      • My experience working for Fortune 500 companies is the employees mostly use the extranet for information on benefits, 401ks, insurance coverage, etc.

        News updates and the rest are important to them but not nearly as much as "does my insurance cover taking out my wisdom teeth?" type questions.
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          You're stumped because you don't know the big benefit of what you're selling.

          Identify the big benefit... and writing an eyeball-grabbing headline will be easy.

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          Excellent. Thanks Joe. I never thought of that perspective. My experience with extranets and how they are used with big supply companies is very limited other than what I've read on the internet. Thank you.
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    Going off of what Joe said it sounds like the main benefit of this intranet will be easy access to the information they need. So perhaps work on the angle that this is the new fast and easy way to get all the information they need about any aspect of the company at any time.

    "Information at your fingertips"

    How would you sell using Google to someone?

    Hope that helps!
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    How about something like this...
    Fixing Up Your '65 Chevy Seemed Like A Fun Weekend Project... Until It Turned In To An Expensive Hospital Visit. Good thing you had Extranet to quickly discover what your benefits cover.
    You could add some attention getting imagery and be set.

    Stephen Dean
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    I find the only thing that gets me busting through the brick wall is more research.

    Deeper Research into the product
    Deeper Research into the prospect (talk to them, ask them what's important to them)
    Deeper Research into the Market.

    And each time looking with fresh eyes.

    I find it's not possible to get stuck when I do more research.
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