One Little Tip That Boosted My Conversion By 60%!

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to share a small tip with you that has boosted my sales letter conversions by over 60%.

We all know about the power of TRUE scarcity.

In short, it's about setting a REAL limit to your offer... Be it time or quantity, and giving a powerful believable reason as to WHY there is a limit.

I have used it in the past on several occasions and it really has the potential to make any offer sell out. All the offers I have used it on have indeed sold out sooner or later.

Anyway, this thread is NOT about true scarcity, it's about fake scarcity and how it can hurt your sales.

Sometimes you just don't want to limit something.

Recently, I was using fake scarcity on one of my products and it converted quite well. So I was thinking "If it's working, there's no need to fix it". After giving it some further thought and just being extremely bored, I decided to test it.

A single minor change... I simply removed the fake scarcity pitch of having a limit to my offer, a limit to a digital product that was not real and it was never going to end.

One week later my conversion for that offer had increased by 60%.

But why? It seems to me that every day we have more educated consumers and they are beginning to see right through crap like that. So don't bother, you don't have to.

Just be honest guys, it works.

Some food for thought
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    Agreed. You gotta be careful when saying things like "limited-time offer" or "special offer." The best thing to do is test, test, test. If it's not really scarce or limited, test it weekly with new copy until you find the right fit. But don't be deceptive regardless.
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      Thank you Steve... your post was like a cool breeze on a hot Summer day. Refreshing!

      Besides being the right thing to do, honesty is also a persuasion technique. Joe Sugarman includes it as one of his 30 triggers in his excellent book, "Triggers".

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    People can FEEL the difference between fake and real scarcity.

    Contriving fake scarcity can shatter any credibility you've built up in a sales letters.

    REAL scarcity can and usually WILL convert anyone sitting on the fence by the time they reach your offer.

    You're one of the brave ones!

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    This was really interesting to read. Had never really thought about whether readers can figure the difference between real and fake scarcity. They probably can. But since most copy out there talks about fake scarcity, I'm guessing even the real stuff is thought of as fake!
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    It's like in real live: If a sneaky used car salesman is standing in front of you you know it. You don't have to talk long.

    Same is true online.

    If the sales letter is fake your conversions will be miserable at best.

    On the other hand: There are a lot of sneaky and fake people out there. If your sales letter matches that attitude you are going to make a lot of sales.

    There are more good and honest people out there. It's up to you whether you want to cater to the 20% weirdos or the 80% that are still mostly sane.


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    I flat refuse to use hype or in my opinion, lying to sell anything for anyone.

    I know I lose clients, but so be it.

    My integrity is more important than the dollar.

    M E
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      Originally Posted by methomas View Post

      I flat refuse to use hype or in my opinion, lying to sell anything for anyone.

      I know I lose clients, but so be it.

      My integrity is more important than the dollar.

      M E
      We are on the same wave length!
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    Scarcity is definitely an important factor when writing a sales copyletter. It's just one of those things - you can also read about it in Influence by Robert Cialdini.
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