Post Your Best "Mini tips" For Making Your Copy Better

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Post Your Best "Mini tips" For Making Your Copy Better

Obviously, a whole bunch of tips isn't good enough to write a kickass, full blown sales letter.

So, only post if you KNOW what you're talking about!

That means, if you heard your tip from Joe Schmoe off the main forum, who learnt it from some Guru, and you haven't tested it, please take notes... don't give them.

Anyway, I'll kick this off:

1. Use plurals on your verbs.

Instead of "Transform your car from a spluttering wreck into a finely tuned motoring machine",

You'd say:

"TransformS your car from a spluttering wreck into a finely tuned motoring machine"


It implies the "work" has already been done for them... subtle, yet effective (yes, I know the example wasn't the best but try it for yourself).

2. Remove "that"

There was a discussion on this not long ago... basically, it jacks up the flow of your copy and most of the time it doesn't HAVE to be there.

3. Use "this" or "these" in your headlines, bullets, etc

The reader doesn't know what "it" is, and invokes a little curiosity.

4. Narrower pages convert better

There was a scientific study done on this. I had a search around but couldn't find it unfortunately. I tell my clients to avoid using OptimizePress for this reason - it's far too wide... comprehension goes down, so do your sales.

5. Use mini headlines for your testimonials

People scan. Take an excerpt from a customer testimonial, put it in quotes, and put the full testimonial below it.

6. Use a longer guarantee

This has been proven many times over - it boost sales and decreases refunds. Check out the works by Gary Halbert or test it yourself.

7. Use transitions on a single line

Get this...

Check this out...

But it gets better...

And so on. These help pull your reader into the copy again!

8. Talk to 1 person ONLY

Don't address a "group" - it feels less personal and your reader doesn't feel like he's talking to a friend, which is what we want to do as much as possible... why? because people would trust a friend says over a salesman.

That's all for now - look forward to seeing what you come up with.

- Ansar
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