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Hi Warriors,

I run a blog on split testing and copywriting over at Zentester Blog. I'm looking for some warriors who have some interesting case studies or stories on copywriting to share.

I'd like to write up your story or lessons as a blog post along with your bio and information on where readers can go to get in contact, learn more or buy from you and post it to the blog.

If you have:
1. Written a piece of copy that has achieved surprising results.
2. Done something that flys in the face of "conventional wisdom"
3. Tested and improved a clients site.

Your story would be perfect for the site. I'm looking for people willing to share details of what they've done, the results they've achieved and lessons the readers can take home with them, if you just want promotion without giving anything in return please don't apply.

First in, best dressed, I'll email out the first few posts to my lists and you'll pick up a lot of hungry customers too, but if you wait, well you know what happens to those who delay.

Cheers, Tim
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