Max Sackheim Swipe File | Classic Book-of-The-Month Club Copy Example

by Drez
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Max Sackheim came up with a number of hugely successful marketing concepts during his career.

Perhaps the two most well know are: The Book-Of-The-Month Club and the "Negative Option" (of continuity).

Here's an example of a classic Book-Of-The-Month Club ad from my Max Sackheim swipe file. (Free download, no sign up ... just click the link below to view and download)


Maxwell (Max) Sackheim | Classic Copy Example For Book-Of-The-Month Club | Free Swipe File
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    You rock Mark.

    Funny I was just listening to Gary Bencivenga's Sackheim story the other day.

    Man, I love this guy's stuff.

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    I just found your site recently -- thanks for putting it up!

    I also like how you add the bullet points for the ads. For this one, I was thinking he might have been trying to touch on convenience and a desire to save money (by not buying books that aren't any good) as well as authority when he says the books were selected by judges. What do you think?
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      Tracy, I think you're dead on with the authority because selections are made by "judges".

      Using the word judges was brilliant.

      Sackheim could have called them "experts", "critics" or something else that NAMED them as knowledgeable.

      Instead by using the term judges he evoked (in our subconscious) expert, learned, and ESPECIALLY "unbiased", "honest" and "trustworthy"

      This is great copy.

      Mark "Drez" Dresner
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        What WAS Gary Bencivenga's Max Sackheim story?

        Mark "Drez" Dresner
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