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after roaming around this forum since june, 2011 i find that i start my career as an IM as an article writer. i love to write and i got good feedback in the past but in my native language.

on the basis of good feedback i am thinking about entering into the writing career in english. i need your help in this business. all of you are experienced copywriter and you can guide me towards starting writing articles for others.

i am setting up a site for this purpose and writing some unique articles on that site. what steps yo suggest me to do to be successful in this career.

sanjay sharma
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    Quote PeteWalker,you hit a nice point here,@ OP,you mean you've been around since June,and couldn't decipher easily where this post should have been?
    Already thinking of telling you to pm me about your request,but as Pete mentioned,I don't think you'd go real far with what I've just read,from someone who claims to be a Content Writer!
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    For copywriting. . .

    -Forget everything you know about article writing
    -Scour this section of the forum
    -Read the books
    -Shadow great copy examples

    I think that's a good start!
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      Geez Louise, you guys! Everyone except Eric seemed to jump at the chance to ridicule a person who seems to me to be an earnest newbie.

      If you reread this person's post, it's pretty apparent he/she is a non-native English speaker. So assigning a level of knowledge, intelligence, or ability is nearly impossible. Not to mention hard-hearted.

      Much more is accomplished by extending a helping hand to those who may be struggling with the seemingly simple task of just understanding what the heck is being said in a forum like ours.

      Come on, members. A little more constructive help to a member who, in my view, is trying to do nothing more than become one of our ranks.

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    Study and dedicate yourself to learning the form. Read the top books. Luckily, there are great lists to work from on here. It is important to practice. At all times, watch your grammar and punctuation. Good luck and go for it.
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