Looking for a good resource to learn to write homepage copy that sells?

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I figured this would be the best place to ask a question like that.

Any help, tips or advice would be appreciated here.

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    This is a very broad question. . . Perhaps if you gave more detail it would be easier to answer the question.

    Regardless, you're almost certainly going to be directed to one of three pieces of advice (if not all three).

    1. Search feature

    2. The lengthy list of copywriting books stickied to this section of the forum

    3. Shadowing/analyzing top copywriters and copy in your niche

    Then a warning about if you are just starting copy, it is no easy task and takes countless hours, days, months and/or years to master!

    And it's all spot on.

    But with more information about your project who knows what helpful advice and/or tips may follow.
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    Apologies for the really lazy post.

    I have an online business providing web development. I am trying to learn about writing copy that draws people in quickly and makes them want to know more about my company.

    Do the same principles of cheesy sales pages apply to all landing pages?

    Apologies if that's a silly question. I just figure its better to ask rather than wonder.

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      Read Dan Furman's book, Do The Web Write. He specifically covers how to write web pages for a small business website. He has some good material.
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    A good place to start is with Dan Kennedy's book, "The Ultimate Sales Letter." A husband and wife couple I know were designing a website for a photo restoration business they own, and they were planning to advertise it with sales letters and a color brochure.

    Unfortunately the didn't realize how little they knew about selling by printed word, and their copy was awful. I suggested that book, they both read it, and a few days later they showed me their new letter and homepage. Wow what a difference! Their new letter and website works well.

    That book is a good foundation for learning to write what sells.

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    @Don Schenk & ThomasOMalley

    Thanks guys. I'm going to check these out right away.
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    • Toby, while you are following up on those great references, here is a quick way to improve your site in one hour. The biggest mistake website owners make is they talk about themselves too much.

      "Our web development company is a leader in website design. We offer web design, web development, logo design, SEO, and more. Our award-winning designs have garnered us several awards from top competitions...."

      Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Your prospect is saying to themselves, "Good for you. Who gives a flying flip?"

      Notice the number of Our, Us, and We's in there. Of course you have to talk about what you do but tie that to specific benefits.

      "Excellent design has helped our clients increase their sales and profitability over 15% in the last year. For example, by just changing their logo, the Mobile Giraffe Washing Company was sold out during the entire giraffe washing season."

      You might think, "Well, won't people know how we can benefit them when we say how great we are?"

      John Caples said don't take that chance--spell it out for them! Don't make them think. Pile on benefit after benefit. Spell it out.

      That alone will set you apart from most of your competitors.
      Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
      - Jack Trout
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    hey Joe that's an awesome tip! My head is now spinning with ideas. I'm going to rewrite my home page copy and load it with benefits and solutions.

    Love ya work!
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    Toby, try the stickies, they are very helpful
    A superhero is someone who knows how to be quiet, shed a tear for a moment, then pick up his sword, and fight again!
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    Hey Toby-
    You're welcome to grab my free cheat sheets to get some quick tips on writing copy. Obviously you want to continue to learn as much about copy as possible and put that knowledge into action.
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