How to Swipe a Million Dollar Headline in 30 Seconds Flat!

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Stuck for a headline and need some inspiration. Here's the fastest way to get that noggin workin.

1. Visit Google images -> Google Images

2. Try Readers Digest on the search and there are a few ...

- 13 Things no one ever tells you about weight loss
- 13 Things your computer guy won't tell you
- 41 Things doctors never tell you

People don't tell you 13 (or 41) things about ___

- Gov't Ripoff : $1 Trillion of your money wasted

Think an accountant, business consultant or marketer can use that one?

- FATAL Hospital Mistakes You Can Avoid
Oooh chilling

- The MAGIC power of SLEEP

- How Doctor's Gamble With Your Life
This one can be adapted in so many ways eh?

- 6 Brilliant NEW Ways to Lose Weight
This one really made me chuckle

- Eat This, Lose Weight: The New Science Of Dieting
Hmmm ... Do This, Get More Customers: The New Easier Method Of Getting Tons Of Leads

Why stop at Readers Digest.

Let's go to some other good headline magazines.

Cosmopolitan has punchy numerical ones for a female audience and Men's Fitness has awesome headlines for a male audience - And ... you can see which ones were repeated a 100 times (Repeated again ... Know why?)

Want to have fun while you are finding them. Why not try "National Enquirer". If celebrity gossip is not your thing, then ...

The motherlode is "Weekly World News"

Should get you going eh?

Oh another good one ... Try "The Sun Newspaper" for more

And remember, swipe responsibly!


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  • Drink Coffee To Burn Fat!

    - Men's Health
    Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of perceptions.
    - Jack Trout
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      Don ...

      No disguise necessary to secure those luscious tidbits that are the pulpy rag's headlines. I simply respond to the arched eye of the checker that my dear Mum is ill and dying, and simply must have these publications before she goes.

      Half the time the clerk just lets me walk out without paying. But not without a furtive look about for management.

      Cosmo's good too. But you definitely should have a female buy those. Way too many insinuative sighs when you try and snag those on your own.

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    sanjaypande - I've never thought to use google images. I even use google books then click on magazines to search for successful DM ads...but I've never come across something like this. Love it.

    Thanks for this great tip.

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    Hi Guys

    I am a complete newbie so excuse my arrogance and some what stupidity, I woke up this morning and realized something to myself "Yawns" I can hear them from here. Well the thing I noticed was that I have to stop paying guys whom can not really speak English to create my Articles.

    On that note I decided to take it upon myself to perhaps write them myself, so the absolute obvious thing to me was to first check out WF, take a look around this section and feed of the Gurus witty threads and catchy writing skills.

    I am glad this is something I have chosen because already I can see the advantages to stop being lazy and get writing myself, ontopic this thread with the fantastic tip> Readers Digest - Google Search

    Would I be correct in thinking that I am able to use these witty titles in my Articles, also whilst I am on here can I pick your brain with something before I get started on my writing etc..

    If I am to write Article's would this be acceptable. 1. "400 words long" 2. "Place the keyword once in the title, three times in the body including the very last sentence" 3. "Keyword density of 2%"

    I need to keep them SEO friendly but would be great to get some advice, thank you for reading my comment at least I hope I have not bored you to much.

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    That had me thinking. very good, thank you
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    Checkout Headless Body in Topless Bar from the staff of the New York Post (Available on Amazon). tons of timeless headlines that can spark your imagination.

    Len Latimer
    Copy-In-A-Box, an amazing Word Add-in Tool that adds Dazzle & Personality to your copy. My WSO

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    I like this, people should realize that headlines really aren't that difficult. Find one you like and make it work for what you're doing! Great post!
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    WOW! It was fantastic and I created the below one for myself.

    11 Steps No One Ever Tells You To Outrank Your Competition
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      And if you want to sell to people with money, pick up a copy of the Robb Report to peruse.
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    All good ideas! Also...can use Google keyword tool to find popular questions people are asking (searching) and create a headline out of it.

    21 Ways To Instantly Speed Up Your Computer!
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