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I guess this will be copied...but what the hell ...i have plenty of bullets left.

just ran an email campaign with the head "Don't buy this".

...and it went Off the Richter. I call it the "negative sell".

I started by saying - "Don't buy this".

"Truly. Don't buy this. You'll only be wasting your money. You're never gonna take action - you're never going to implement this veritable "cash machine" save your money.

But one Dude I sent this to last week made $2420 overnight using this strategy.

But it's probably not for you.


Because...shock will take you about 3 hours to set it up. And most people don't want to invest that time. Even for a result like $2420 overnight.

Oh well. I tried.

Now go ahead and unsubscribe from my list. I can't promise you that you'll be a millionaire in a month. Sorry. I can only offer results like my mate who made $2420 OVERNIGHT.

Oh yeah - "results not typical" - you might make might make less. In fact if you're a total loser you might make zip. Who knows? But for a $27 outlay (with guaranteed refund if you're not happy for ANY reason) - waddyagottolose?"
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    Something not unlike this worked for me as a lift letter in a physical piece.

    Never even occured to me as an online tactic. Good idea. Too much "rich jerk" for my taste, but does get the general point: Insiders don't want you knowing this.

    My thinking was it had to come from someone who was not the writer, not the client. That the customer had to be the one to say something like this for credibility sake. Even in this instance.

    Apparently that was a wrong assumption on my part.
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    The funny thing is, I saw this thread several times and purposely avoided clicking it because I knew it was...exactly what it ended up being, a negative pull. But in the end I just had to check it It was like falling into a vortex. Nice. Hat's off. Willy had a great one a while back that said "I can make you rich"...or something similar. Had to click on that one too. Hat's off to both of you actually.
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    Thank you for sharing your results Mal.

    And nicely done! Sounds like you hit the sweet spot. You riled their egos up enough that it engaged their curiosity and competitive spirit without overly-offending.

    An important note for newbies: Mal knows what he's doing. That being said, be careful when using the negative sell approach with your list- you need to know what triggers they respond to. For example, I wouldn't use this style of message with a 'high level management' opt-in list.

    For Internet Marketers, who are a bit ballsy and love a challenge, this 'taunt' style of marketing works great. But if you have a more savvy list with older marketers, you may get a lot of unsubscribes.

    So save this for your swipe file, but understand it before you use it.
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