Written Testimonial or Video?

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Which one is better. Obviously its easier to get a written.
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    Video. You can also have a photo along with a written testimonial.

    What's easy for you really doesn't matter. Unless, of course, readers understand how easy it is and automatically discount the effort.

    In that case, make sure you never use full names. A last initial is easier.

    Seriously, take the easy way out and you're on the road to failure. Look for the least you can possibly get away with, it won't matter which you use. They'll both be less than effectvie, due to the way they've been implemented and the mindset guiding execution.

    The testimonials will be weak. Because that is easier than getting an effective testimonial.

    A year from now, when you're in the mood to discuss what's effective, come on back.
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    If the person is better with video, get a video. If not, written. The structure and content is more important than format anyway.

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    Its hard enough to get a written testimonial with pics, I know they are gonna freak out if I ask for video!
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    Its hard enough to get a written testimonial with pics, I know they are gonna freak out if I ask for video!
    This craven attitude makes me want to puke. Want easy? Don't deal with clients.

    Because you already have the practice not dealing with them right now.

    Easy for clients is keeping their money in their wallet. And that's exactly where it will stay until you develop some remedial client wrangling skills.

    Why don't they have testimonials ...already? Because they are too gutless to even conceive of getting testimonials.

    Be the expert. Be a corageous person. Start freaking out every time a client doesn't come to you with fifty testimonials to choose from.

    Lack of testimonials is not your problem. It's a serious problem in the way the client is running their business. And the reason why you're there -- to fix it.

    What are we actually talking about here? Inter*******acting with customers. a.k.a. What the cient should ******* be doing right now.

    This is business. Coming out of a recession. It ain't kindergarden. Guess what; foodstamps are easier too. Going out of business is easier too.
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      Originally Posted by John_S View Post

      Start freaking out every time a client doesn't come to you with fifty testimonials to choose from.
      I lol'd... great stuff.
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    Um I think you misunderstood me. Its testimonials for my offline business. And yes some people are hesitant to give them out even though they had good results and are happy with the work. ITs almost like they are shy and or embarrassed or whatever.
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    Just like info products... Video will have a higher value.

    Audio... I think it's a non-starter... people just don't seem to like it regardless (giving or listening) and I don't think it would really apply well to a sales page (they don't listen to your sales page while commuting to work, right?)

    Written text with an image as suggested previously would be a good choice... IN FACT when I'm going through a sales page, I don't really want to pause, wait for a video to download (even if it streams instantly, because I'm an impatient a***hole) and watch someone badly presenting their thoughts...

    Seeing someone's face and a name and an extract of their testimonial is pretty good for me.

    However... I think it depends on how sophisticated your prospects are.

    If they know a lot about what's in the market, for example, other services, your competition, other solutions etc. then VIDEO would be king.

    Not only is it above and beyond what most other business folk bother to do... it adds a ton of legitimacy.

    However if you're seen as pretty much the 'one stop shop' and they don't know much about other providers / solutions... then text and image would be fine.

    But then why settle?
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