Sales video: Do they convert?

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well of course they convert! but has anyone hear actually included a sales video to their sale page? was there a noticeable difference in conversions?
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    not that big. I had a production studio in LA to shoot a professional video for my product. Video is great, I must stress.

    I embedded to my web site and sales pages - there are many views, still conversion is almost the same it was without the video. Only slight increase, not that noticeable.

    If you want a video for the sole sake of sales and conversions, my experience says it is not worth. But it gives a good look to my site and gives some presence on youtube.
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    Originally Posted by redstanford View Post

    Sales video: Do they convert?
    Good copy converts, whether it's in video, audio, or text format. Bad copy doesn't convert, also irregardless of what format it's in.
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    Most accounts I've read say that indeed a video version of your copy will out-pull the printed version..HOWEVER...there are exceptions..the only way to know in a specific case is to split test.
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    I would prefer hot text compare to video.
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    Like everything under the sun, it depends. I know someone who adds a lot of value to a sales presentation when she opens it with a short, to-the-point video presentation. She writes it herself and ALWAYS knows her market. She also knows exactly how to address that market. Needless to say, her videos increase sales a lot.

    But someone who's clueless to the market and has no skill in video presentations will obviously hurt the effort. That's just how it goes...
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    Sometimes it works, sometimes, it doesn't.
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