Best copywriting gig going for a male?

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Check this out guys, Victoria's Secret is advertising for a copywriter.

Of course any copywriter worth his salt always does deep research.

And what might that research involve?

Viwing hot models in sexy lingerie of course!

Who's up for it?

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    Who's up for it?
    Pun intended? :p

    I note that it's a "full-time job" and they say you must have a "holistic vision".

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      Originally Posted by The Copy Nazi View Post

      must have a "holistic vision".
      No way would we want to miss out on "viewing"!

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    From Wikipedia -
    "holistic branding" is considering the entire brand or image of the company. For example a universal brand image across all countries, including everything from advertising styles to the stationery the company has made, to the company colors.
    Good buzz word. I must remember to drop that into my next quote.

    wankersRus Advertising
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      Just spotted this under the Essential Functions Headline

      "Ability to manipulate a mouse"

      Yeah I can manipulate one by tossing one in the chicks dressing room!

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        ... Probably the worst copywriting gig ever (even for a male)

        Brand advertising ... strike one!

        Your copy will compete with almost nekkid models ... strike two!

        You need to understand design tools ... strike three!

        It's a salaried job ... strike four? (Oh wait, you're already done for.)

        They're really looking for writers of fashion editorials (which takes some observations and not much skill to convert into words.)

        Perhaps you'll write a TV spot ... or the limited number of words in the catalogue. You know really creative work like:



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