100 million books sold with these headlines

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On the list of books recommended to marketers and copywriters by Doberman Dan,
is this book, My First 100 Million by Juilius Haldeman.

What's so fascinating is he documented the results of the sale of his little books, all through the power of their Titles.

He used no other text to sell 100 million of them.

It's free from that link.

Jeff Paul and Dan Kennedy were selling it when they were teamed up for
"How I Make $400 A Day Sitting At My Kitchen Table In My Underwear".

Here's the other books he recommends...

The Robert Collier Letter Book
- Robert Collier

My First Hundred Million
- E. Haldeman-Julius

Breakthrough Advertising
- Eugene Schwartz

How To Write A Good Advertisement
- Vic Schwab

7 Steps To Freedom
- Ben Suarez
(NOT a dead mail order marketer.
He's still alive… and EXCEPTIONALLY good.)

My Life In Advertising
- Claude Hopkins

The Gary Halbert Letter
- Many of the issues are available here…

The Boron Letters
- Gary Halbert – Available free here…

Scientific Advertising
- Claude Hopkins

Tested Advertising Methods
- John Caples

The Lazy Man's Way to Riches
- Joe Karbo

The Thomas Hall Letter & Guides
- Thomas Hall

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    That is interesting. Reminds me of a little story.

    The American Booksellers Association, concerned about declining book sales during the Roaring Twenties, approached Edward L. Bernays, the Claude Hopkins of PR.

    Instead of a content-driven campaign that promoted the joys of reading or the satisfaction of owning a well-made book, Bernays harched a program that went straight to the container side of the problem.

    His campaign targeted architects and home builders. His public relations argument was that adding lots of book shelves to new homes was a classy touch, and amenity that home-buyers wanted and would be willing to pay for.

    Within 18 months, there was a spike in the number of new homes with empty bookshelves. Bernays understood that the presence of empty book shelves (containers) would do more to fill these shelves than any number of marketing campaigns touting specific books (content).

    Bernays made it possible for a book to sell in the millions.

    A little marketing twist on the topic. Call it starving crowd mechanics 101. I thought you'd appreciate it.
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    Boomstick. This was what we were talking about as "copy applied to everything else."

    Just a little word association game: Bookshelf. Web.
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    Money is power. It can purchase you anything. So you can lure any one to do things with the word of money.
    Do you know what is the other word than can make you do any thing?? its S*X.

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