Odesk client wants article on "Cheap Printing." I feel annoyed.

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Hi gang. Me again.

I was recently offered a gig on Odesk to write 500 word articles. My rate say's $20 per hour. So the client asked me how many I can write in an hour. I said, "I have no idea. It depends on the amount of research."

This is the email he sent me.

"Thanks for applying for this job. Are you sure you can write High standard articles?
How many articles can you provide us per day if we go ahead with you?
We need to see the sample of your work, We will provide you 1 keyword and you need to write 500-600 words article having keyword density 4-5% including headingsand body.structure will be like title,summary intro 100 words,body and conclusion 500 words. the articles will be UK and USA english version. writing tips including new ideas for using these products, new ideas for marketing by using these products, tell customers how they can take benefits from this product. please write on "Cheap Printing" and send to me."

So I google "cheap printing" and there's like, a bazillion ads for printers, print companies, cheap printers, etc."

Do I email this guy back and ask him? Or just write him off with a "No thanks." I know Odesk is where the cheap look for slaves, but I'm in need of money.
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    I would write him back and ask him. Worst comes to worst, he does not pick you. At least then you will know your answer. I would not work for this guy anyways, seems like a very dysfunctional buyer.
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      Yeah I only signed up for odesk because I wanted to hire someone to post my craigslist ads for my dating coaching business. But I got a few writing gigs off there as well.

      This buyer doesn't have a history on Odesk. I don't know if I can trust this guy. He doesn't seem to know what he is talking about. Honestly, I don't know much about this content farm type writing. I can write, but these people want fantastic pro articles for $5 for 500 words. There must be some really badass Filipino wordsmiths out there.
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    A well-researched article can take a while to write and it depends on the topic. It's quite clear that the person in question wants lots of articles within $20. I would ask him and submit a really good sample of previous writing instead rather than write one for him - but do ask him.

    That should be enough for your client to make a decision. You can always put your own Warriors for Hire Thread up and offer your services to fellow warriors. I know lots of article writers here on this forum which charge premium rates and have a good reputation and lots of clients.

    Only go with this gig if you really think you can get some great work out of it. I would personally try and agree on a set amount per article rather than per hour, because like you mention, it really does depend on the topic.

    And at least this way the client doesn't get any surprises when it comes to payment -you might get an article which takes you an hour to write and your client might be funny about it because he expected several articles within this time frame.
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    Listen to your gut.

    I don't know about you, but I don't write for my health. So if someone wants work for free, it ain't gonna happen.

    You've already pretty much figured out why this is a bad idea. Don't ignore that insightful voice.

    PROTIP: Clients who act like this are the ones who want endless free re-writes... stuff thrown in for free... and will constantly belittle you to try and get your rates down.

    I stopped working for them a long time ago and suggest you do the same.


    Always looking for badass direct-response copywriters. PM me if we don't know each other and you're looking for work.

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    Take the gig. Burn the experience into your memory.

    Never need to ask a room full of direct response copywriters whether to take some clown's SEO keyword stuffed article writing gig off ODesk again.

    Like MAGIC, I tell ya.

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      There is a regular scam where people want you to write 'example' work before they hire you...

      ...find a better client.

      Better clients are typically not the article spinners looking to game the search engines.

      Better clients are real businesses wanting you to help with their website, advertising, direct mail, etc.

      In the time you will spend with this business wanna be, you could miss out on someone wanting you to write a solicitation letter for their business and be happy to pay your rate.

      Don't waste your time with people who want to pay you $20 simply because they don't have $40...

      ...they never will have $40.
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