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copy is below, any suggestions on how to improve it? Thank you in advance.

Premium Weight Loss PLR Content
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$10 - Order Pack 1
  • A Quick Guide to Weight Loss
  • Brutally Honest Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review
  • Can I Get Fat Loss 4 Idiots Free?
  • Choosing a Diet Plan That Works for You
  • Escaping the Yo-Yo Diet
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$10 - Order Pack 2
  • Fast Weight-Loss Methods
  • Find the Best Diet for You through Weight-Loss Program Reviews
  • Finding a Weight-Loss Program
  • Finding and Using a Great Weight-Loss Product Review
  • Finding the Right Exercise Plan for You
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$10 - Order Pack 3
  • Finding the Right Exercise through Weight-Loss Program Reviews
  • Getting Your Hands on the Best Weight-Loss Review Sites
  • Golden Fast Weight-Loss Tips
  • Healthy Eating Helps Weight Loss
  • Healthy Snacking with Fruits and Vegetables
15 left

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$10 - Order Pack 4
  • How Weight-Loss Program Reviews Help You Avoid Yo-Yo Dieting
  • Learn About Crash Dieting through Weight-Loss Program Reviews
  • Natural Supplements for Your Weight Loss
  • Negative Calorie Foods
  • Popular Diet Plans
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$10 - Order Pack 5
  • Popular Diets for Weight Loss
  • Practical Tips for Weight Loss
  • Simple Exercises for Weight Loss
  • Starting a Program with the Help of Weight-Loss Program Reviews
  • Successful Weight Loss and You
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$10 - Order Pack 6
  • The Many Myths of Weight Loss
  • The Secrets in Weight-Loss Program Reviews
  • The Top Three Programs Recommended in Weight-Loss Program Reviews
  • Tips How to Maintain Your Diet and Workout Plan
  • Top Golden Reviews of Weight Loss Programs
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$10 - Order Pack 7
  • Utilizing Weight-Loss Program Reviews
  • Weight Loss Diet Review (2)
  • Weight Loss Pills
  • Weight Loss Surgery - For You
  • Weight-Loss Diet Review
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$10 - Order Pack 8
  • Weight-Loss Program Reviews and Tips to Help You Lose Weight
  • Weight-Loss Program Reviews Learn How to Snack Healthy
  • What Weight-Loss Program is Right for You
  • What's the Best Way to Lose Weight
  • Why Fast Weight-Loss Diets are Unhealthy
  • Weight-Loss Programs and You [Bonus Article]
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A totally, 100% unsolicited testimonial I received earlier today in a thread I posted!



And trust me, I don't say that often or lightly. Andrew, I am speechless. It's been so long since I've seen articles written and prepared so well, and at a pricepoint that a small business can afford. I haven't even read through them all yet, and I don't want to get ahead of myself, but you may be my new "guy". I don't know if I explained this to your earlier, but I'm a writer who's been writing for years (not one of those "writers" who simply became one when articles got so popular for Internet marketing, not that there's anything wrong with that if one can truly write), and I am extremely picky (did I say extremely?) about the writing. But, I am VERY pleased with what I've seen so far.

Check out some of my testimonials below. I have posted several WSOs and classifieds with great responses. See for yourself!

On Sunday i made a post asking if anybody could write 3 articles for 30 dollars. With in a couple of minuets i got a message from Mrsleep. We made the transaction and in less then 12 hours i had 3 amazing 500 word articles. They were perfect just what i needed the first articles got approved on ezine this morning and only 8 hours after it has been approved it has 37 clicks with 18 clicks on my link! Thats a 49% ctr which in my book is well worth the 10 dollars an article.

I recommend Mrsleep to any body that needs grade A articles Fast.

Thank you mrsleep for your help.
I just wanted to say mrsleep99 is about half way into a project for me and so far has done an excellent job. His work shows pride and extra effort.

All I can say is he does top notch work, and he does it FAST.
Hi All,

Highly recommended!

I've got a project going and the articles have been of excellent quality and timely.

This guy delivers! He is concerned about going a good writing job and he cares about your satisfaction. I was very pleased with the 8 articles he created for us. If I wasn't so cheap I would send him a few more bucks!

Hi mrsleep99,

Thanks so much for the great articles you wrote for me. They are exactly what I wanted and needed, and I will definitely be using your service again very soon.

Thanks also for taking care of the keyword research for me. It was great to just leave all that in your hands so I could get some other work done and they were all well set out for easy submission to EzineArticles which was very helpful.

I can highly recommend mrsleep's article writing (and included keyword research) service to other Warriors.



Just wanted to thank you for my articles and tell you that they were really GREAT!
I will look and see what other articles i may want and get back to you for more articles...hopfully before this WSO ends!



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    I think it looks great! It's laid out very well and I like how it's broken up. I also like the fact that there are multiple packs to choose from. Good luck!
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    I would suggest adding some urgency to it...don't let the reader procrastinate (one of the biggest killers of sales!).

    Also, there might be too many choices of packs...it might get overwhelming for the reader.

    I would change the headline a bit too. Add some spice to it. Make it exciting. Something that really makes the audience want to continue reading. Maybe add something about the benefits that you would get from the product.

    Hope it helps.

    ~Sarah Johnson
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    I purchased 2 packs but only received one. Have tried to reach you. Please reply. I apparently do not have enough posts to PM you.
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