Advertising to IT service providers; any suggestions?

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I'm new here, so I feel bad asking for advice, but I was wondering if anyone can help me.

I'm writing a sign-up page for a service which is geared towards IT service providers. I've been doing my research, trying to get an understanding of the market.

In the spirit of getting as much information as possible, I want to ask:

What can you tell me about advertising to IT service providers?

What sort of appeal works best? Is there anything to avoid? Which classic ads might help?

It's not my product, so I can't say too much at the moment.

Any, and I mean ANY information will be very gratefully recieved. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    That's a fairly broad segment. Can you narrow it down.

    Are you targeting software vendors? (Even that is too broad fyi).

    Are you targeting hardware vendors?

    Are you targeting integrators?

    Are you targeting consulting companies?

    Are you targeting independent consultants?

    And, that's not even all of them, not to mention the sub categories.

    You'll have to speak the lingo AND understand the person you'll address the piece to. A programmer is different from an architect who is different from a project manager who is different from an IT manager or a CIO.

    They all have different objectives. They want different things which you'll have to address.

    Once you understand this market it is very very easy because 99.9% of their adverts are total crap.

    And keep in mind there's a lot more than the actual piece that does the job here.

    So, you'll perhaps have to be more specific as to what you want. There are a bunch of copywriters (which I found quite surprising) who are ex-IT.

    Take Care,


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  • Thanks Sanjay.

    The term 'IT Service Provider' is one from the client, and they are looking to cover a fairly broad market.

    Obviously the term could cover everyone in IT, which would certainly be too broad.

    As far as I understand it, they are looking to work with the kinds of companies that offer network/hardware/software support. General repairs etc. I'm sure I'll be brought up for not having a good enough idea of my audience, but I am working to try and get it more specific.

    As I say any help is very much appreciated.
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    Sounds like you're working in the dark here. So, step 1 would be illumination.

    Create an audience/profile questionnaire and go back to your client. Ask them to fill it out. Ask them to give you all their past mailers with stats - which ones worked, which ones didn't and if possible mailers from their competitors.

    Work on that first, so you're not shooting in the dark with a shotgun.

    Are they selling a product or a service? Find out all the details before you even get to the copy/advert.

    Good luck with your piece.

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  • Thanks Sanjay,

    I have asked a few more questions of my client, and really the market is as broad as ever. The product could be useful to anyone who works in IT.

    Is there any advice that you (or anyone else can give) about marketing to IT professionals? The company is a startup so doesn't have any data on testing.
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