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SEO copywriting is such a sensitive topic on the World Wide Web today.

Unique copywriting is responsible for the success of many websites and bloggers too.

I'm curious to know who in this forum works day in and day out and sitting at their computer for over 12 hours a day, creating content, and continually go the extra mile in "unique SEO copywriting".

The reason why I ask and pose this because after so many years of feeling left behind online in not accomplishing past affiliate marketing goals, I find myself today glued to my computer chair writing content all day long, feeling like I'm the only one that does things like this.

This is just a humble thread to get honest and down-to-earth feedback from warrior for members on who else, besides me, sits at their computer chair for over 12 hours a day "creating content for people and building meaningful online relationships" virtually all day long.

Your genuine feedback is humbly appreciated :-)
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    I feel ya bro. Until August of this year, I was churning out content from 9-5 M-F. It wasn't all that bad, but like you said, being a content slave can hinder bigger and better things.

    Fortunately I have moved on. But, I can assure you that more insider replies are bound to come.

    Live righteous my friend.
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      I hear you talking brother. I appreciate your reply. So, being that you created content from 9 to 5 all day long in the past, feature search engine rankings benefit from it too? :-)
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    Nope, don't do that.

    For SEO article writing, I do a couple of technical articles a month.

    If you're working 12 hours a day, you need to raise your rates. If you're competing against every other $5/article writer out there, you need to seriously niche down.
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      well said Jason. At least you spoke your mind respectively :-)
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    First don't feel guilty of working too long whether you are alone or not. ( I am normally awake at 4am and sleep past midnight, working most of the time)

    Second, look for ways of making more money from your work. Get into the market of $1-a-word and then outsource what you are doing right now.

    Lastly, learn some positioning strategies. The people who earn more are not necessarily better than you, but the market perceives them to be so. Get the market to perceive you in a different way.
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