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I’ve mentioned it here before… that I was homeschooled from the 4th grade on.

In fact, I was self-schooled.

I was unconventional for the unconventional.

Raised by an ultra-liberal single mother… she allowed me to wander.

And when I say wander, I mean getting lost in the beautiful places I lived… like the Kalalau and Na Pali Coast on Kauai (you know, where Jurassic Park was filmed.)

Sometimes I’d be back there under the tree canopy for a week at a time with my dog, living off the land… just observing nature and letting my imagination… well, wander.

I taught myself how to fish, clean the fish, smoke the fish…

…If I wanted to eat (and feed my dog), I had to catch the food.

It was an interesting childhood to say the least.

And I was always writing about my experiences.

I wrote stories, journaled and used the white blank page as a way to filter my extreme disappointed and discontentment for how we treat each other… and the planet.

I knew if I was ever going to financially make it in this world, it would be through my writing.

I was hungry.

I didn’t want to believe what other people in my family said about me.

I didn’t want to believe that by not going to a conventional school, I wouldn’t be able to make it as a functional, abundant adult.

I used my writing as a tool to get what I wanted and needed out of life.

I always strived to expand old models (like integrating Huna/spiritual concepts to teach tennis) or create new paradigms (like redefining our very existence based upon the innovations of Quantum Physics.)

The mind of the writer is ALWAYS looking for new perspectives, stories and ideas to put down on paper.

That’s all a writer’s eyes see:

...Opportunities to write about.

So what’s the point of this little diatribe?

Well, these days more than ever, people want to make a living online.

The job market sucks.

There’s really no such thing as earning a living wage any more.

And personal credit card debt is at an all time high.

People want a way to make a living that doesn’t involve prostituting themselves.

The problem is that too many people are acting frantically.

Chickens… no heads.

People are pimping out anything they can get their hands on.

It doesn’t work.

Very rarely can you sell something you don’t believe in.

Because ideas that DO SELL come from inspiration and having something of genuine worth to offer.

Ideas that DO SELL come from feeling hungry and getting behind a product or service, you believe in, until it finally converts on a massive scale.

You have to act like you won’t eat unless you create your own opportunities that you can invest your time and money into making a smashing success.

You have to teach yourself how to fish… if you truly want to be one of the FEW people who actually thrive in these ever-increasingly changing times.

And when I say FISH, I mean put out bait that makes your prospects COME TO YOU en masse.

So the question is: How hungry are you… really?

Now look at your bank account balance.

Results don’t lie.
You’ve got to unconditionally BELIEVE that you’re in the process of making your wildest dreams come true… RIGHT NOW!

Do you believe that?

Are you hungry enough to make certain you will succeed?

Go write something.


Keep expanding your copywriting skills.

Hone in upon YOUR VOICE.

But above all else, please, make sure you take the time to find a product… or create your own stuff to sell that you wholeheartedly believe in!

Mark P.

P.S. They say “there’s no such thing as a starving copywriter.” Make 2012 the year you decide to play a bigger game and flood the market with so much value and smoking copy that you’re vacationing in the tropics for the end of the world… You remember the world ends December 21st, right? Wait, don’t tell me you didn’t see the movie?!?!?

P.P.S. What are you going to do differently this coming year to ensure your financially successful?
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    Well said.

    And I'm more than a wee jealous of your upbringing.

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    Good perspective, Mark.

    As someone who has decided to make their life with their words instead of falling back on the 9-5 paradigm, I can appreciate this -- a lot.

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      Originally Posted by EricMN View Post

      Good perspective, Mark.

      As someone who has decided to make their life with their words instead of falling back on the 9-5 paradigm, I can appreciate this -- a lot.

      You've got the raw ability Eric...

      You've also got the guts!

      I appreciate your willingness to put yourself out there on this forum.

      You've demonstrated some great poise...

      If I were you, I'd develop a product of your own, sell it, make some cash, build some confidence and get yourself even MORE hungry to perform the same task for your clients.

      The more you can know the process of selling, inside and out, the easier it'll be to express your ability to sell for others.

      If you've got the time on your hands, start writing down your passions and see what kind of ideas come to mind that you can write and market.

      I can tell you from personal experience that having a few solid streams of passive income consistently coming into your paypal account makes it easier to pick and choose your clients...

      ...That is if you want to work for (or with) other people at all!

      Do you want a 9 figure copywriter and biz owner to Write With You? I'll work with you, on zoom, to help write your copy or client copy... while you learn from one of the few copywriters to legit hit 9 figures in gross sales! Discover More

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